50 Good, Bad And Funny Daily Things That Come With Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is an excellent stage that every woman wants to experience. Despite the fact that pregnancy brings with it a lot of pains and turmoil to be experienced, no woman says ‘no' to pregnancy. The many kinds of pains and emotions experienced while being pregnant are unique to womanhood. Pregnancy has many wonderful experiences to offer to the mother and people around. In the same wavelength, there may be some hilarious situations created too. Let us have a look at the positive, negative and hilarious experiences during pregnancy

Let us start with the positives

1. Many women tend to grow long thick hair during pregnancy. Your hair will look healthier than ever, which makes you look attractive.

2. Visible changes on boobs.

3. Pregnant women look prettier than the normal days due to the increased blood flow. It causes your skin to glow with radiance.

4. The third trimester may have high levels of influence on your sex life. You may feel the need for sex more than normal days. It happens mainly due to the hormonal fluctuations in the body during the trimester of pregnancy.

5. You will witness your nails grow faster. The increased levels of nutritious food you consume during pregnancy make your nails grow in a speedy manner.

6. A pregnant woman will show increased desire to become a mother.

7. During pregnancy, the woman starts to develop high expectations for the child.

The darker aspects

8. Some women may experience increased heartbeat rate. It is not because of stress or any other thing. Avoid taking Coffee frequently since high caffeine consumption automatically has an impact on heart beat rhythm.

9. Your boobs will be so big that the soreness created will cause huge pain for you.

10. The nipples may also cause trouble for you due to their hypersensitivity while being pregnant.

11. The high levels of white discharge may sometimes be irritating when not managed properly.

12. Underneath your breasts, you may start getting stretch marks on your abdomen. It is due to the child's growth in the womb. It is only quite natural and can be gotten rid of using creams available for the purpose during the postnatal period.

13. Your foot size may increase during pregnancy. While this is not a mandatory happening during pregnancy, many pregnant women experience this

14. Heartburns may cause with some woman due to various reasons. Consult with your Medical Practitioner and ensure you have enough stock of antacids at all points of time.

15. Ensure you satisfy all your food cravings but avoid overdoing it. The maximum calories intake recommended is 300 calories per day. Avoid intake of excess calories in a conscious manner to allow the child to grow in a gradual manner.

16. Do not get petrified if you experience sudden bleeding from the nose. It may be because of the excess blood flow in the body during pregnancy.

17. The high levels of hormonal fluctuations prevalent during pregnancy may cause acnes and other such disturbances on the skin. These will automatically fade away during the postnatal period.

18. Some women may experience cramps, which are similar to the menstrual ones. Check with your Doctor regarding the same and ensure you have pain relievers with you at all points of time.

19. You may also experience unbearable pain in the pelvic region. It happens mainly due to the baby's growth inside the womb. Many women experience pelvic pain in the third trimester in specific.

20. Pregnant women may also experience spider veins due to the excess blood flow. It is not a big problem to worry about since these may vanish immediately after childbirth.

21. Some pregnant women may experience nausea and vomiting tendency through the day. It is not necessary that such things will only happen during mornings. In general terms, this is referring to as Morning Sickness

22. Your teeth gums will become so soft that sometimes the tenderness you feel for them may make you feel threatened. It is not unusual and will also become normal during the postnatal period.

23. Skin pigmentation may also occur in some women. It is only a temporary phenomenon and will not stay back in the skin for a long time.

24. One of the common syndromes experienced by women across the globe during pregnancy is Restless Legs Syndrome. You can get rid of this irritating syndrome with the help of calcium and iron supplements.

25. You may get into trouble with your taste buds too. You will start disliking many things that you like a lot earlier. On the contrary, what you hated and kept away from earlier will be the one item you will be craving to have during pregnancy.

26. Constipation may cause to some pregnant woman due to the medicines you consume. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices. Keep your Doctor informed about the same so that he will guide you with solutions.

27. Feeling fatigue most of the times is another significant symptom while being pregnant. Try to keep yourself active and eat food items, which are high in nutrition to overcome the fatigue experienced.

28. Some pregnant women may even experience bad breath. Brush your teeth twice a day and use mouth fresheners, which can get you out of the problem.

29. Occasionally, pregnant women can feel itchiness in their skin. It is a common happening. Check with your Doctor for creams that may get you out of itchiness.

30. Many people experience a high amount of hair fall. It causes by the hormonal imbalances experienced and so is not a cause of worry.

31. Unusual worries about facing labor.

The funny side

32. Imagine a portion of your body growing by a huge percentage without any control. We are talking about the uterus that bulges in size in disproportionate ratio. While it is a serious affair, looking at it from a different angle, it looks funny.

33. You will become so highly emotional that you will start crying even for silliest things making people afraid of coming near you. The funny behavior, yourself will realize you are unfair after you come out of the mood.

34. You will feel shell-shocking to realize that your pee will smell different altogether. Though it will be manageable, you will still feel embarrassed for yourself.

35. The concept of ‘Pregnancy Brain’ will take over and you will start forgetting many things. Credit for this goes to the child in your womb. Thank him for saving you from everyone’s wrath.

36. Some pregnant women may get terrified to see their nose grow in size. While this may appear like a fairy tale, in reality, the feeling will be more of an adventurous one.

37. Peeing in pants may happen and embarrass you in the wrong places at wrong times. Save yourself from such embarrassment by padding yourself up.

38. You will get the super power of smelling things from quite a distance. While this may cause hunger in your, sometimes this may cause nausea also.

39. One funny thing experienced by the majority of pregnant women is the growth of beard and mustache. They may feel extremely embarrassed to venture out with a fat belly, beard, and mustache.

40. The increased size of nipples may make you feel embarrassed. The moment you get tensed up for something, your nipples may show that out making you feel awkward.

41. Hair growths across all parts of the body will happen in such a speedy manner that you will be running out time doing manicure and pedicures.

42. You may feel disgusted smelling your poops and farts while being pregnant. Have a scented cloth in your hands at all points of time to escape from this gas outbreak.

43. Vaginal grooming will be a strenuous activity due to the growing abdomen hiding the area as well as the excess white discharge happening round out the clock.

44. You will get into the habit of snoring, and if you are already a loud snorer, you will start making unbearable noise in the form of snoring.

45. You will get interesting, colorful dreams that are vivid in nature. Enjoy these dreams entirely.

46. Itching of eyes may make you feel more confused than ever and sometimes you may feel lost not knowing what to do next.

47. Your voice may become raspier thanks to the hormonal imbalances.

48. Your dress in the breast area will always look wet due to the leaking milk. Get used to the same and hide the same if you feel the necessity.

49. The tendency to collect clothes for the child is a universal nature among pregnancy woman.

50. Some pregnant woman shows emotional disturbances and insists the partner be with them always, because of insecurity.


Whether you undergo more of positive experiences or negative ones, everything becomes immaterial as soon as you see the face of the little one. Every pain experienced and embarrassments suffered lose their value completely when the baby starts feeding on you. Enjoy every second of pregnancy. Talk with the little one as frequently as possible which may also keep your focus away from the pains and embarrassments.

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