Baby Growth from 0 to 12 Months

Life is a lengthy process that passes through different stages, each stage having its own features and you can familiarize it by reading this article. All features push us towards the progress into adulthood. When reaching into adulthood, people have their own families with kids, and the kids grow to become adults and have their own children. It is a chain process of the human life cycle as well as all living organism in the world.

Happiness of a parent

All parents love to see their kids grow up normally and become a great person in the future. They expect their child to become an asset for the civilization. Every responsible parent wants to give their best to their kid and pave a solid base for their children to grow in a healthy environment. It would be the finest moment for any parents seeing their happy children and the bonding between the parents and children is one of the most beautiful relationships in the human race.

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Mothers are more emotionally connected

The mother will be having a more emotional connection with the child than anybody will because the child grows in her womb for nine months. During the pregnancy, the two are connected and share everything between them including the emotions. After birth, this connection still exists, and the mother cares for the development of her child. Father too get excited, enjoys the relationship with the baby, and has a chance to view and supervise the growth of his child. This is an experience that no parent would ever want to miss, and it is the foundation of molding the child into a better person.

Portrait Of Happy Beautiful Mother And Cute Newborn Baby Girl

A new child in the family is always the center of attention and the source of joy in that family, and everyone wants to hold the child and get them to say their name first. Everyone is anxious to see the child grow and hope he or she turns out to be a better person while remaining as cute as they are at birth.

The first twelve-month growth and changes are rapid

During the first twelve months, you can see rapid changes in child's growth and the child try to assimilate with the new surrounding quickly with the passing of each single day. You have to monitor the changes closely and ensure that the baby is growing normally. All regular changes are part of the growth, and there is nothing to worry about it.

Now let us see the first twelve-month of a newborn child and what the changes you can see them in an ordinary course of growth.

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The newborn stage is the first stage of child's life from the moment the baby is born and start breathing. The newborn child will always be sleeping for the better part of the day and wakes up only when hungry. Most of the communication at this point is just by crying, to seek attention and you have to figure out the problem by yourself. The child can smile on general occasions when full and happy and can try to hold up his/her head for few moments.

One month

After a period of a month, the child is already beginning to get used to the things around the house. The child can stare at objects that stand out or brightly colored for some time. The child also begins to respond to different sounds that made in by objects or by you. The child can hold up his/her head when sleeping on his tummy for quite some time and begins to respond to the affection gestures expressed.

Three months

Three months into the child’s life, more changes become evident. The child can now roll over when left lying down on the bed or couch. Ability to keep eye contact for a long duration and responding to giggling and tickling is a significant development in this period. The child can recognize your face and make sounds for seeking your attention. In the third month, the child can perform some simple hand gestures like waving his or her arms around. The child is becoming part of your family, and this is one of the best periods to enjoy your newborn's presence.

Six months

Half a year into growth, the child is quickly getting bigger. At this time, the child is ready to begin consuming solid food as well as liquid foods. The child begins to crawl around the house and can recognize his or her own name and respond to its mention. The child also begins to imitate sounds of speech. The child is also able to recognize familiar and unfamiliar faces in the house

Nine months

After nine months of life, the child is now almost entirely adapted to the new environment. The child can sit without external support. You can curiously watch how your child crawls around and sits when tired. The child also begins to grow some teeth. Two incisors start to grow out of the gums, and this makes the child love biting on to things, which are soft. This period is very crucial, and you need to be very watchful of your child's every movement as the child may show a tendency to ingest anything that is available for them to handle.

Twelve months

Twelve-month lapse within a blink of time and you will be surprised to see the development your child had in this last one year. The child should have entirely adapted to the new environment by this time. The baby can stand without any support but still cannot run around. Your kid can show signs of emotions like nervousness or even shyness. The child is also able to follow simple instructions such as "stop" or "sit." The child also can make simple gestures using the arms and utter some simple words. The kid can express hunger or even tiredness using words or gestures.


Parenting is the happiest moments in life. You can enjoy every bit of it by interacting with your kid. Meantime, you must be aware of the significance of emotional bonding and how that can influence in your child’s later stage life. It is important to give a sensory-rich environment for your baby's natural brain development along with your kid’s physical development. The first three year of child's mental growth is very crucial as during this period the brain develops and have its wiring. So take proper care in looking after your child and try to be the best parent and be a good companion.

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