Baby Expenses – Ways and Means to Control the Cost

Children are the greatest blessing of every parent. If you are planning for a baby, you should be prepared to meet all the upbringing expenses of the child. From feeding, clothing, gifting toys, and housing is essential to make them happy, and it is the sole responsibility of their parents. Physical closeness and bonding towards the child can promote an emotional connection with the child. It is an imperative factor to choose a right parenting style, which can enhance the physical and healthy mental development of the child.

The addition of a new member of the family, a newborn baby can bestow more responsibilities on you, thereby increasing monthly expenses. Food, housing, clothes, and toys are all important for your new baby, and that will add up your monthly home budget. The additional expenses might be a difficult situation considering the increased cost of living.

However, let us find out the four top departments that may incur extra costs so that you can better prepare to find means for meeting the additional expenses.


Toys are all time favorite for children. They love to play with different types of toys. Girls love to play with Barbie dolls, dollhouses, while boys love to play with cars, bikes, action games, etc. Toys are becoming very expensive now a day, so to cut down the expenses on toys and presents your child with homemade toys, which are handmade. Apart from being inexpensive, they are very safe for your child contrary to those battery-operated toys, which may sometimes possess a serious threat to your child.


To cut off expenses on clothes, do not buy the clothes in advance as newborns can have certain growth spurts. Moreover, since child grows at a faster rate, it is not advisable to purchase expensive clothes or plenty of clothes for your new child. The expenses are easy to manage by using used clothes, which are well preserved and maintained. You can find good clothes used by your relative’s child or friend’s child.

Moreover, it is preferable to choose unisex outfits. For example, if you buy a pink dress for your new baby girl, it will be of no use for your next little boy.

Moreover, disposable diapers cost a lot, so it is advisable to use clothe made diaper during the day, and disposable diaper at night only. Finally, you make it a practice to wash your child’s worn clothes with a stain remover so that you can use it for an extended period and thus saving some money.


When you are new to parenting, feeding your child can be a difficult process. As per expert opinion, you must strictly breastfeed the baby up to 4 months. Moreover, breastfeeding babies can also get a vitamin D supplement to protect him from vitamin D deficiency. Initially, breastfeeding is sufficient to nourish your child with an adequate amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Since this is the most crucial stage of a newborn’s life, you need to take maximum care for breastfeeding, so that your child shall be getting the vital nutritional requirement. Malnutrition can lead to various diseases.

Lack of protein in the diet can result in a condition called Kwashiorkor and marasmus disease. Similarly, deficiency of carbohydrate in the diet may cause ketosis, which is the accumulation of ketenes in the body. Therefore, it is imperative to feed the child with food that contains the adequate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins and minerals. It will enable the child to grow taller, stronger and sharper. During the first 4 months, breastfeeding is the only source from where your child can get all the required nutritional elements.

For babies, older than 6 months, you can feed them with semi-solid or solid food along with breastfeeding. Along with the food, you must give an adequate amount of water to your child for maintaining the fluid balance of the child. Fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins. You must start giving fruits after the 6-month period.

Apple is an excellent source for natural iron mineral, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain of the baby. Therefore, make it a practice to give an apple a day to protect him from iron deficiency. Bananas are a rich source of protein and carbohydrates, which provides the baby the required energy to play. Bananas can be mashed and given along with milk to the growing toddler.

Bread contains many carbohydrates, which can use as a staple food for the baby. Similarly, milk is one of the most important provisions required for the growing child. Milk is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins, which helps in building up the structural framework of the child’s body.

You should not compromise in a child’s dietary requirements as it may result in retarded physical and mental growth of the child. A simple way to save expenses on food is to make homemade baby food by using a hand blender rather than using ready to eat concentrates.


Paying for your new child’s home is one of the most important things of raising your child. When it comes to raising a child, housing is always an expensive factor. A cradle is a baby’s bed or cot, which holds the baby protectively and gently. There are various types of cribs available in the market, which is very expensive. Nevertheless, you can consider making a cradle at home by using old clothes or old bed sheets and cut some expenses. Your child will love swing in a cradle. The rocking experience will be very comfortable for your baby.

In every home, particularly when a newborn baby is there, you can find a changing table. This furniture usually kept in the child's room and is using to store baby's clothes and napkins. The storage furniture will be an expensive one. You can avoid investing in it if you can manage by using a mat for changing the dress and basket for keeping the baby's dress.

Another remarkable accessory you can see in a newborn baby’s home is the baby walker, which provides a firm support to the growing toddler. To cut off the expenses on a baby walker, hold your child’s hands and teach him/her to walk. It will not only reduce the cost but also strengthen the bond between the baby and the child.


Tips for saving money are worth considering. It matters a lot even if you can save a little daily as it eases the burden. Having a newborn baby at home will be an overwhelming experience. The new guest can bring a lot of happiness and joyful moments in your life. Keeping the baby happy, feeding and nursing, furnishing the room, buying toys and clothes all incur additional costs. You have to plan your expenses intelligently, without letting the costs break your budget.

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