Best Baby Registry Sites – Amazon vs 4 Others

Congratulations! The glorious news has arrived: you’re going to have a baby!

That is a lot to process, and you should start preparing. One of the smartest things you can do is to have a baby registry and take steps towards completing it soon.

There are a lot of baby registries out there, and finding the best one for your new family can be a daunting task to do. Today, we’re going to help you in the search for the best one by reviewing and comparing the best baby registries. Let’s dive in!​

​What to look for in a baby registry?

When considering to create a baby registry and have it shared with your family and friends, there are things that should be taken into account to make the best choice. We sorted the main features that you should look for and deconstructed them in detail for you so you can know what to expect.

​Product availability and prices

  • The child equipment market is huge. There are thousands of shops and dozens of brands that compete in this industry, all aiming to provide the best, most comfortable and valuable products that will make the adaptation of newborn child and mom to new environment much easier.
  • From the big and complicated things like strollers and swings to the smallest yet equally important things like baby wipes, there are literally thousands of products for you to pick from. First and foremost, you need to check the quality, availability and prices of the products you’ll be putting on your baby registry.
  • The economic impact that a child brings to a family is enormous, and the financial aspect is imperative while making purchasing decisions. That’s why you need to have the best balance between price, quality, and value that a product brings.
  • When creating your registry, you need to have your and your family & friends budget in mind to have it completed in time, getting the finest possible equipment for your new family. Many retailers have different prices even for the exact pieces of equipment. Why would you buy something from the store A when store B can provide a lower price?
  • The availability is important too: some items on your list have to come in stacks, because of their usability (one-time usage diapers, napkins, wipes, and more). Some stores might have a big stock, and some might offer you good prices, but they won’t have as many supplies on board as you might need. Checking the availability while making your baby registry is a smart thing to do.

Discounts, benefits & bonuses

When it comes to registering, gifts, discounts, and overall benefits, there is a big competition out there. Your preferences and affinities to a brand might be reversed easily if you get a good deal or a large discount. Actionable and very useful bonuses are significant marketing tools to bring customers on board, and a quality service and support keep the customers loyal.

Does your registry offer a completion discount, and how big it is?

  • One of the primary features of a baby registry is the completion discount. This feature brings stimulation and saves a good amount of money while keeping you interested and time-aware. Those discounts work on the whole sum of the registry and can save you a significant amount of money.
  • The important thing about completion discount – you need to check the period of acceptance of this discount. Some companies offer the period before baby’s due date, and some don’t. Depending on the length of that period and the timing, you can manage to use it or not.
  • The next aspect is the discount percentage; the bigger it is, the more money you’ll save. Be sure to check both of these aspects to be sure which registry fits you the best.
  • Bonuses are also imperative in the process of choosing the best baby registry. Many retailers offer gifts such as coupons, two-for-one actions, and more similar extras.

Usefulness and versatility

First of all, there are shopping preferences of your family and friends; if people you care about don’t buy online, having a possibility to use the same registry for offline shopping is convenient. That feature is really useful, and you should check if there is a possibility for your family and friends to shop offline for your registry and check/uncheck the bought items for you. By using this feature, you will have superb usability and versatility, because you can keep track of the registry, and your family and friends can update it too.

The return policy is an important aspect that every company has to handle in a positive manner. This feature is what keeps customers loyal. The return policy has its eligible period and depending on its length you can return the gifts you receive if you don’t need them.

One interesting feature about the return policy is notifying the person who originally bought the gift. Some companies allow you not to inform them of your return, which is great. Look into your registry provider for this feature.​

Best Baby Registers – Reviews 2017

Let’s examine the top baby registry providers in 2017. According to the market, those are:

1. Amazon Baby Registry

One of the most popular and biggest services out there, Amazon’s baby registry is gaining popularity among young parents at a tremendous rate. Being the biggest retailer in the world, Amazon simply offers the level of service that many can’t match.

With millions of people being active in the Prime membership program, ultra-fast and efficient delivery is not what you’ll get when you register with Amazon. You’ll get the bonus discounts as well.

Amazing offers and features don’t stop there; Amazon offers you Amazon Mom program, where you’ll have exclusive coupons and deals, and additional increase on discounts. It is really tough to beat that, especially when you consider their prices and storage; if you can’t find something on Amazon, then you’re looking for something strange!

​The simple example of these features is the discount for the select items in the registry – you get 10% off right from the get-go, and 15% if you’re a member of Amazon Mom. Add the Prime shipping on that, the 24-hour delivery. Amazing. If you’re not a Prime member, you still get a free delivery with purchases over $49.

The return period lasts around 90 days – no questions asked. If you do happen to return any product you got on your registry, you get credit to purchase anything with it. Next, you have the possibility not to notify your family about your returns. On the other hand, Amazon sends “Thank You” notes in your behalf, which is remarkable.​

Things We Liked

  • Vast array of products to choose from, with reviews and rating system
  • Very good completion discount
  • Ease of usage and availability through mobile device
  • Prime membership benefits
  • Return policy is decent – you get 90day period for returns, without noticing the person who bought the gift

Things We Didn’t Like

  • If you’re not a Prime member, you might have a less friendly return and shipping system
  • The discount period lasts only for 30 days

2. Buy Buy Baby Registry

This brand is the subsidiary baby department of Bed Bath & Beyond, which brings you the benefits of claiming and using bonuses and coupons from BBB. This is the first and the biggest feature you can expect to acquire by opting to register with Buy Buy Baby.

Even though they don’t offer as much inventory as you might find at Amazon, there is enough equipment and possibilities for a young mom. The prices are competitive, and you can get a variety of items on a discount.​

The BBB site is packed with quality resources and guides, which can help you a lot if this is your first child. Bonus guides are provided if you’re adopting and are in need of some unique items. Kudos to them for thinking about people who adopt children.

The competitive prices can be discounted by as much as 20% if you use Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, but aren’t usable on every item out there. The completion discount is varying between 10-15%, and it lasts around two to three weeks before your due date.

Things We Liked

  • Decent product capacities, competitive prices, dozens of product reviews to help you
  • Guides, advice and support for ones who adopt children
  • Good discounts, and added discount power from Bed Bath & Beyond
  • 90-day return policy period

Things We Didn’t Like

  • In-store consultations are featured as pros, but in reality, those are cons
  • No rewards programs for referrals

3. Target Baby Registry

Registering with Target is a convenient choice; this is one of the largest retail chains in the country. The chances are that you’ll have a Target store near, wherever you are. It is possible to register both online and offline, and it’s pretty straightforward to do so the both ways. One thing regarding this feature is that you get access to more items if you register online.

After the registration, you get a complimentary package full of coupons, samples, and promo materials when you fill your registry. The package arrives around eight weeks before your expectation date, and you’ll have a 15% discount on most of those items via coupons. Every item priced over $25 will be shipped to you for free.

The refund policy is fantastic; you get a whole year after your event to return or exchange items, no questions asked. That’s an excellent perk, especially if you’re very busy. Also, your gifts can be exchanged without noticing the person who bought it for you.

On the other hand, the completion discount is a feature that doesn’t exist if you register with Target. There are many benefits connected to this feature, and this is the secondary reason they aren’t that popular. The first reason is the smaller selection and somewhat strange store policy - some stores don’t comply with the online registry selection.​

Things We Liked

  • The convenience of Target – you’ll always have one nearby
  • Complimentary package of coupons on your mail eight weeks’ prior baby due date
  • Extended period for returns

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Weaker selection than its counterparts
  • No completion discount

4. Pottery Barn Kids Registry

Registering with Pottery Barn Kids program gives you access to some beautifully-made items and furniture. The brand itself isn’t related to child equipment, but it turns out that the quality and materials that have made it famous are present in the registry service as well. This feature has its downside - the prices. They tend to be a bit higher than average.

The registry isn’t as popular for shoppers that don’t shop online, simply because of less physical stores available. For the parents that use their registry, reviews and feedback are very positive. They offer personalization of bedding and pillows with the name of the child, which is very nice. Their selection is quite good, but they don’t offer smaller items and consumables.

The refund policy is not the best, as you have a 30-day policy for the unopened, unused items. It doesn’t apply to the monogrammed stuff.

Regarding discounts, you get one time 10% off the first item you purchase after you subscribe to their email list, and a completion program with 10% of your leftover items during six months after the due date. That’s quite a drawback – one would need to stock on items and equipment before the baby’s due date.

Things We Liked

  • Top-quality products with personalization
  • Chance to win monthly $1500 drawing

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Prices
  • Short return period
  • Very few discounts

5. Babies R’ Us Baby Registry

One of the most popular baby brands in the world has its baby registry program and a number of satisfied customers throughout the whole world. Their product base is huge, and they provide some quality features to the shoppers; for example, if you find something cheaper somewhere else, they will match the price.

The completion discount is 10%, and it comes with a coupon that you get via mail. The setback for this coupon is that it has to be used on a single purchase, which can make it a bit inconvenient. On the other hand, you receive a gift card with around 7% back on any item from the registry list. This benefit works for your gift givers as well, and it comes around ten weeks after the baby due date, which is, again, a bit inconvenient.

Return policy gives you a comfortable period of one year, without any problems. This is the example of the great return policy.​

Things We Liked

  • Discounts, coupons, and promotions
  • Price matching in store
  • Fantastic return policy – one whole year after due date

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit inconvenient terms for discounts
  • Less inventory and product lines than Amazon


After reviewing the five most popular baby registry options of today, the unanimous winner, and our warmest recommendation is Amazon Baby Registry. When we consider all the features to look for in a baby registry, the conclusion that Amazon’s offer is unmatched is a no-brainer.

Their huge product categories and amazing pricing are great. Combined with excellent Prime benefits, you’ll have items arriving fast and reliably. Combine that with the versatility to add items from other stores, and offline shopping list updates from your friends and family. And don’t forget very versatile and lengthy hassle-free return period and you get the best baby registry in 2017, hands down. You simply can’t go wrong with them.

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