Best Belly Bands for Pregnancy

Best Belly Bands for Pregnancy

The days of a pregnant mom are some of the most amazing days of any woman’s life. It is typically a time of delight for the new mom, but it can also be a noticeable strain on her body. As a pregnant mom, your mind is filled with the knowledge that your body is busy developing a human being, while your body faces many physical changes. Although most of these changes are expected, and relatively easy to become accustomed to, there are some issues that can be very frustrating or uncomfortable. If some of these issues include irritating clothes that just don’t fit anymore, or experiencing pain from a heavy abdomen, then you may find help with the use of a product called a belly band. Belly bands are an amazing invention that aid pregnant women with both of these issues.

-What Is a Belly Band?

Belly bands are a flexible garment that is generally worn underneath a pregnant woman’s shirt. They can have multiple purposes, including; helping to extend the life of pre-pregnancy clothes, and providing support for a growing, extended, heavy abdomen. Belly bands can also help to relieve pain that a pregnant woman acquires in her lower back, hips, or legs, due to the extra weight of the baby and her changing body.

As a pregnant mom, when you reach the 4 to 5-month mark of your pregnancy, you will discover that your regular pants become more difficult to button or zip. Many women do not want to rush out and spend a lot of money on multiple maternity pants that will only be worn for a few more months. This is when a pregnancy belly support band comes in handy.

A belly band is a 360-degree piece of material that simply slides up your legs and over the top of your pants. A belly band is a thin, comfortable garment that has just the right amount of stretchiness in order to also provide abdominal support. When your pre-pregnancy pants don’t button anymore, the belly band can be placed over the button and the zipper sections, and will keep the unbuttoned pants securely in position. The belly band will extend the life of your regular pants and will save you money from not having to invest in multiple maternity pants. Belly bands for pregnancy can help you look and feel wonderful, as your abdomen continues to expand.

Belly bands are also quite comfortable and will provide abdominal support and support for your lower back. Many women complain of an achy back as their belly grows, and belly bands for pregnancy provide just the right amount of light support to help improve circulation, aid in your posture, and relieve some of the stress that your abdominal muscles are experiencing.

-What Is the Difference Between Maternity Belts and Belly Bands?

One way to think about a maternity belt, is to think of it as a belly band multiplied several times over. A maternity belt is designed to provide support to those pregnant individuals who are experiencing significant lower back pain, leg pain, or pelvic pain due to pregnancy weight gain, or from the natural relaxation of abdominal and pelvic muscles due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. A maternity belt can also serve as a garment that aids in extending the life of pre-pregnancy clothes; however, a maternity belt is often worn outside of a woman’s regular clothes, unlike the belly band that is worn underneath a woman’s outer layers. A maternity belt is adjustable, and either uses Velcro or hook closures in order to provide the right amount of support for a pregnant woman’s growing girth. The maternity belts can also be used post-delivery, and is especially useful for women that had a C-section delivery, in order to provide continued support of her healing body.

-What Should I Look for in a Maternity Belt or Belly Band?

The first thing you will need to decide, when shopping for a pregnancy belly support band or maternity belt, is which one do you need at this point in your pregnancy? If you are not experiencing much lower back pain, and you are more interested in extending the life of your regular clothes, then a belly band is the first garment, between these two, that you should purchase. Belly bands for pregnancy are a very versatile choice, because they will extend the life of your clothes, as well as provide some light support for your back and expanding abdomen. Belly bands can be used throughout your pregnancy, and postpartum, so you will have plenty of opportunities to use the belly band.

If you are experiencing significant back, leg, or pelvic pain, or if you have previous back injuries, then you should invest in a maternity belt. A maternity belt can also be used throughout your pregnancy, and postpartum, and can be especially relieving to those women that have a lot of pain. Since maternity belts are available with either Velcro or hook closures, you should decide which closure type is best for you. Although Velcro is usually easier and faster to assemble, it can catch on clothes and potentially cause damage to some materials.

For either a belly band or a maternity belt, you will have choices of sizes, colors, prices, or company guarantees that you will need to compare before purchasing.

-Do Belly Bands Really Help with Pain?

Yes, belly bands do help relieve abdominal and lower back pain of pregnant women, but they do not provide the optimal support like a maternity belt offers. A maternity belt is constructed so that it actually lifts and supports the baby bump, or tummy, of a pregnant woman. This action also relieves the pressure that is placed on the lower back. A pregnant woman in pain, can feel immediate relief when she uses a maternity belt. A belly band plays more of a supportive role for the pregnant woman. The use of a belly band will help with circulation and core support, but may not provide the relief of extensive pain.

-Can You Use These Products to Help Your Body When Postpartum?

Absolutely! Any pregnancy support belly band or maternity belt can be used postpartum. Not only can they help you feel better about yourself in the physical aspect, but they can also help relieve any pain you experience when exercising or healing after delivery. Remember that it takes approximately nine months for your body to prepare for the delivery of your baby, so it will take some time after your baby arrives in order to feel like your old-self again.

-Precautions Regarding Belly Bands and Maternity Belts

As with any new activity throughout your pregnancy, it is always a good practice to check with your health care provider before starting something new. A belly band or maternity belt is not excluded from those activities. Belly bands for pregnancy or maternity belts, typically, should not be worn for more than a few hours at a time. You don’t want to create an environment where your abdominal muscles are dependent on a support garment. Over time, this could actually make your muscles weaker. Exercises that help maintain or strengthen core muscles may be performed, if suggested from your health care provider, in order to prepare your body for delivery and postpartum healing. Furthermore, maternity belts should be worn low on the abdomen, underneath the baby bump. Lastly, women who have a history of circulation problems or blood pressure issues may be advised against the use of belly bands or maternity belts, completely.

-Best Belly Bands

Belly bands and maternity belts are an incredible creation that have helped many women feel good about themselves and have helped relieve pain associated with pregnancy for quite some time. These garments are definitely something that you should consider and decide if one, or both, of them are good choices for you during this remarkable time in your life. Below, we have listed five great pregnancy belly support bands and maternity belts for your further investigation.

1. Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband

This is a wonderful belly band that is both comfortable and a great value. This belly band is made of an ultra-soft cotton and nylon blend. It is stretchy enough to slide easily up your legs, as well as over the entire face of your pregnant belly. This luxurious garment can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning, and it will bounce right back to its’ original shape after wearing or washing. This belly band has a silicone strip along the interior edge, which helps to keep the material in place. This is especially nice because it helps prevent any slippage, once you have the belly band in the desired position. This will also be convenient for the active pregnant mom, or for the exercising mom, because she will be confident that the belly band will stay in place as she is participating in active movements.

This belly band is very useful for using with your pre-pregnancy jeans, because once you slide the band up your legs, and over the rim of your pants, it will hold them in place so you are able to freely move around without any worries of your pants falling down. This belly band also provides just the right amount of support for the overstrained muscles in your legs, hips, abdomen, and lower back.

Bellaband has been in business since 2001, and they have made some true advancements with this particular garment. This belly band can be worn over the full pregnant belly, or it can be folded in half in order to provide extra support in just the right spot. It is available in three different colors (black, white, and nude), and it is available in four different sizes. There should be no problem finding just the right style for your individual taste. This seamless beauty is perfect for any stage of pregnancy, as well as for support and style post-delivery. This is one of the best belly bands for pregnancy available on the market.

2. Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support Belt

This Gabrialla maternity belt has been National Winner for 5 years in a row. It is made in the USA, and it has won both the “Top Choice” award, and the “Family Choice” award. It is one of the best maternity belts available today. This comfortable maternity belt is made of a polyester/lycra blend and has two adjustable side pulls with a Velcro-like material. This maternity belt is very simple to adjust with just a quick release of the Velcro and some readjusting. Just be careful so the Velcro doesn’t snag the other clothes that you are wearing. It is available in five sizes, (small to 2XL), as well as three different colors (beige, black, and white), so you will undoubtedly have no trouble finding the perfect size and color that suits your body and style.

The Gabrialla maternity belt has a 6-inch deep pocket that can easily hold an ice or heat pack for added temperature support. It is recommended that temperature therapy should only be used for a limited amount of time; about ten minutes maximum. If you are unsure about using an ice/heat pack, double check with your health care provider before using one.

This maternity belt is recommended by health care professionals because it provides great abdominal support, while still allowing the pregnant mom to stay active and flexible. It may also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks around the abdominal area, because it helps promote blood circulation throughout the different stages of pregnancy.

This maternity belt is perfect for pregnant moms who want to engage in physical activity. It will provide the best medium support for your lower back and your abdomen, while it is still comfortable and stretchy as you perform different physical activities. It can also be worn during postpartum exercising, as you may still need some external core support as you rebuild your own personal strength.

3. Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Pregnancy Support Band

This product is more of a pregnancy belly support band garment. It is a combination of a belly band and a maternity belt, because it has the comfort of a belly band, but it also has a Velcro-adjustable closure, like that of a maternity belt. This support band is made of an extremely soft blend of viscose from bamboo, polyester, and spandex. It boasts a proprietary earth-friendly Secure-Stretch material, and it proves to be breathable, flexible, and adjustable, all at the same time.

This Belly Bandit has been known to help ease sciatic pain, as well as relieve back, leg, and bladder discomfort. It has a pocket that can hold an ice/heat pack. This pack can be used for temperature therapy or can also be used post-delivery for healing purposes. It provides abdominal support, which you can adjust according to your specific needs. Note that the Velcro closure should be placed underneath the true baby bump. If you have questions about the placement of this support band, you may check with your healthcare provider, or search online for a product tutorial.

The Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Support Band has an adjustability range of twelve inches, which is be very useful as your pregnant belly expands throughout your pregnancy. It can also be used postpartum, as you may still need support post-delivery, as you recover or engage in rebuilding your physical strength. It is available in either black or cream colors, and comes in four different sizes.

4. Maternity Fit, Bamboo Belly Band

This belly band, created by the M Like Mama company, is another ultra-soft belly band that would be a wonderful addition to any pregnant woman’s wardrobe. This machine-washable belly band is made of an eco-friendly bamboo material, organic cotton, and spandex, and it is super stretchy, breathable, and comfortable. It is available in four different sizes, and comes in either black or white. There is also an option for having a crystal rhinestone motif located on the black varieties. The available motifs are: symbols for either a boy or a girl, or a pair of baby’s feet for the decoration. This is a unique feature, as far as style, of this particular American-made belly band.

Another unique feature of this belly band is that it also comes with two waist extenders. These extenders can be used in conjunction with your pre-pregnancy pants that have buttons attached, such as jeans. The extenders allow you to “extend” the button holes of the pants, as well as use the belly band for supporting the stay-put position of your pants. Some buyers may feel that these extenders are an unnecessary addition to the belly band, while others may like the added security of knowing their pants are unlikely to slip.

Similar to other belly bands, this M Like Mama product is perfect for any stage of pregnancy, and even for postpartum support. It is very flexible and will allow you to move freely as you stay active during and after your pregnancy. It also will provide light support for your abdomen and your lower back.

5. OB Recommend Maternity Belt

If you are a pregnant mom of twins, then this is the maternity belt for you. This is the best maternity belt on the market for pregnant women with twins, mainly due to its’ feature of providing excellent abdominal support and for having a unique, double-belt system. This maternity belt comes with the standard belt which wraps underneath the baby bump, as well as an added support belt above the baby bump. When the higher belt is properly in place, it will fall just below your breasts. This highly recommended maternity belt that was created by the Babo Care company, comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. The company claims that the buyer can return the product at any time if they are dissatisfied with this maternity belt.

This supportive maternity belt will help relieve pain in your lower back, hips, legs, and pelvic area. It is made of a stretchy, breathable material that is comfortable and will provide excellent support for heavy abdomens. This Babo Care maternity belt is available in two different sizes, (Large or XL), and comes in a nude color. The large size has a 45-inch maximum, adjustable girth, and the extra-large has a 49-inch maximum, adjustable girth.

If you are soon to be the mom of twins, or if you find you just need optimal support for your pregnancy aches and pains, then this maternity belt is the best one for you. It provides maximum support while still allowing you to have room to move and remain flexible in your daily activities.

-One Final Word

As a pregnant woman, you have a truly unique experience to feel your baby moving inside of you, and knowing that you are in a position to take good care of yourself as you develop this precious, little one. It is a remarkable time in your life, but it can be a time when you are physically uncomfortable or when you experience bouts of pain. It is important to take care of yourself during this pregnancy time, and one of the things that may help you relieve your pain is a belly band or a maternity belt.

A belly band, or a maternity belt, is beneficial for many reasons. One of the main benefits is that, by using one of these garments, you can make yourself more comfortable throughout your pregnancy. If you are more comfortable, then you will be more relaxed and be able to enjoy the pregnancy more thoroughly. You will also be able to remain active and busy during your pregnancy, if you are able to relieve some pressure from your pelvic muscles, legs, lower back, or abdomen.

Either a belly band or a maternity belt can also be beneficial for postpartum recovery. Either garment can provide some support to your core muscles that may have been lost during pregnancy or delivery. This is especially true for women who have experienced a C-section delivery, or even women who may have had a hysterectomy.

Belly bands and maternity belts are a miracle for many pregnant women. It is something that you should definitely try, if you are experiencing any discomfort during your pregnancy, or if you would like to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy clothes. Chances are quite good that one of these garments can provide you with some significant relief.

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