Best Crib Mattress 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Equipping your nursery can be exciting and joyful experience, especially when you’re buying toys, bottles, and clothes. However, when your baby is about to arrive home, you need to have your crib set up properly. Besides the crib itself, you need a proper crib mattress.

There are a lot of different crib mattresses out there in the market, and people can get confused easily. This is one of the very important parts of baby equipment because it directly affects child’s health in the long term. That’s why we’re helping you pick the best crib mattress today.

What To Look For In A Quality Crib Mattress?

There are several factors that you should look for in a baby mattress: size, type, firmness, quality, and price. Each of these features should be measured and compared to find the best baby mattress for your newborn.


Size of the baby mattress is imperative right from the start. There’s even a regulation to follow in the US that is created by the government to ensure safety for infants and make parenthood easier. The consumer products safety commission – CPSC defined the optimal dimensions of a baby crib: 28 ± 5⁄8 inches wide x 52 3⁄8 ± 5⁄8 inches long.

Every modern baby crib complies with the standards. The importance of the size inspection and comparison lies in the gap between the mattress and the crib sides. This is the area where baby can fall into and get stuck, or possibly injure herself. The 1.25” or commonly addressed as “no more than two fingers. Make sure to double check the measurements when fitting a baby mattress into a crib.


There are three types of baby mattresses: Foam, Innerspring, and Organic. There are differences between each, and each has its pros and cons.

Foam Crib Mattresses

Innerspring Crib Mattresses

Organic Baby Mattresses

Firmness / Quality / Price

These three factors are bound together as a single factor because of their connectivity and cause-effect relationship. Simply said, the best mattress for your baby should be firm, resistant and durable; those are the elements of quality in these products. Look for a firm mattress; the softer one might affect the baby’s form and even create a risk of a sudden infant death syndrome hazard – SIDS.

On the other hand, the price is usually the final factor that determines if the purchase is going to happen; the price-quality relation has to be on the side of the quality. Always make sure to inspect the quality features of the product you’re about to buy, compare with other products, and make the decision based on facts and data. It will save you money, and provide the best possible solution for your family.

Top 5 Best Crib Mattress Reviews 2017

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1. Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White

A baby’s peaceful dream means a parent's quiet night, and the new Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White provides all the necessary conditions to provide your child with the safety and comfort it needs. High-density thermo-bonded core provides excellent support for the toddler’s body.

The mattress is lightweight, easy to lift, flip and carry whenever required. It is also important to note that this product is Greenguard Certified, which means that it produces tiny chemical emissions, so the baby’s health is well protected.

Our Rating: 

When it comes to bedwetting, the vinyl cover is water resistant and will speed up the cleaning process, so you will be able to get back to sleep as soon as possible. The mattress fits standard cribs and child bed frames, and it meets the federal flammability standard CFR 1633.

Things We Liked

  • This product is more affordable compared to other foam crib mattresses
  • The vinyl cover doesn’t leave any stains or smells
  • There is no visible sagging after a long time of use

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This mattress can only support children who are up to 30 pounds. This is much less than other products of this type
  • It is not a dual purpose mattress

2. My First Premium Memory Foam Baby

Firm yet comfortable, Kittrich company has created an impeccable mattress for your toddlers and their safe development, since it provides excellent support to the child’s growing bones.

It fits perfectly into any standard crib size, and to check if it is right for your child’s crib, make sure that there are no more than two fingers of space between the mattress and the frame. It also features a removable velour cover making it easily washable and convenient.

Our Rating: 

The safety standards are very high, and this mattress doesn’t contain any phthalates, lead, mercury or any other harmful substance. Also, the VOC emissions are very low decreasing your worries even more. All of this means that the product is CertiPUR-US Certified, as well as hypoallergenic, anti-microbial.

Things We Liked

  • Comfortable and soft velour cover, which is also washable
  • Waterproof cover prevents growth of bacteria
  • Exceeds safety standards
  • Excellent Breathability

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It might be slightly too firm
  • It is not dual purpose, meaning there isn’t a softer side
  • After washing it a couple of times some customers noticed the stitching was getting damaged

3. Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress

Sealy Soybean Mattress is eco-friendly, non-flammable and devoid of any toxic materials. What more could you want? Of course, comfort is the next big thing, and this product offers excellent characteristics in that field.

The firmness of its surface provides stability and safety for your child’s body, but the breathable cover allows for more pleasant sleep, especially during summer months. All of this is enabled by a high-density soybean enhanced core with extra cotton cushioning. This product is Greenguard Gold Certified due to natural materials used in the making of this mattress, and because it creates a safer environment for the baby.

Our Rating: 

It also comes with a waterproof, stain resistant cover, making it very easy to clean any liquid that might find its way to the surface of the mattress. This model measures 51.6 x 27.2 x 5 inches, and it fits all standard cribs in the US, and it can support toddlers from 0-4 years old, up to 60 pounds of weight.

Things We Liked

  • It has no smell
  • There are no stains left after liquid spills
  • It is waterproof
  • Easy to clean

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Might be too firm for some babies
  • It makes noises when the child moves

4. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual Firmness

One of the highest-quality foam mattresses, Little Dreamer, provides comfortable bedding for both toddlers and infants with absolute exclusion of all polyethylene, PVC, and vinyl. This is a step forward in foam mattress market, as it brings it further to the eco-green environment.

Both of those anti-microbe features are provided on the both sides of the mattress, with different level of firmness for the toddler and the infant. This feature makes it future-proof, as it can provide great support to your child as it grows.

Our Rating: 

The infant’s side is extra firm and waterproof, making it very convenient and quality. The maintenance is easy, as the mattress is light and 5 inches thick. The size is standard - 27.5 x 5 x 52 inches and it fits the standard cribs easily, without any lose ends or gaps. This is achieved by adding extra firm edges and using side stitching, which is pretty unique in the mattress market.

Moonlight Slumber is a well-known company, and the reasons for that are the product quality and customer support. Both of these features are the ones that you’ll notice when reading reviews for their products online.

Things We Liked

  • Durability, both firmness and softness at the same time
  • Future-proof; suitable for both toddlers and infants
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial
  • Fits great into the crib, thanks to side stitching and enhanced edges

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The mattress is pricey

5. Newton Crib Mattress & Toddler Mattress

This mattress comes from a leading company in producing breathable, recyclable and washable mattresses – Newton is ranked the highest for safety against leading competitors. Full organic, this mattress will provide the finest breathable comfort that you didn’t experience before. They claim that the core is made from air and 10% of food-grade polymer. A very bold claim, which turns out to be true. You can literally breathe through this mattress.

Recommended by pediatricians across the state this mattress secures your baby health, safety, and comfort. The level of comfort is achieved by breathable design, which allows the unpaired air flow through the whole mattress, enabling your baby to breathe through mattress which reduces the risk of suffocation.

Our Rating: 

The mattress can be washed inside out, and the washable cover prevents bacteria growth. 100% recyclable, the Newton breathable crib mattress contains no foam, springs, latex, glue or allergens. Some reviewers online complain about baby cheeks being red after sleeping on this mattress, but vast majority enjoys it. If it’s not out of your price range, you don’t need to think twice with this one.

Things We Liked

  • 100% Washable and Recyclable
  • Chemical-Free
  • It has the right amount of firmness
  • Airflow prevents overheating

Things We Didn’t Like

  • High Price

Conclusion & Recommendation

After reviewing all the mattresses (considering what to look for in a mattress), we have to come to a decision now. This decision is hard to make, but it’s our children’s health and future we’re looking to support, so the effort is worth. In our opinion, the best baby mattress is Newton Crib Mattress & Toddler Mattress. This mattress has it all; the quality, resistance, supreme breathability and it’s completely washable. Make a good choice for yourself and your baby, and get it now.

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