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When you have a baby in the house, you quickly learn that they require a lot of “equipment”. In addition to the normal things that any person needs, such as clothes and food, you also need things like bottles, bottle washers, diapers, and formula when you have a baby. You also need certain baby-oriented “hardware” available that will provide you and your baby a safer and easier life around the house. These items include things such as; bassinets, cribs, bouncy seats, strollers, and high chairs. In this article, information will be provided about baby high chairs and give you the knowledge you need in order to pick the best baby high chair for your home and your baby.

What Is a High Chair?

A high chair is a specially-designed piece of furniture that is used to secure a young child in one spot for the main purpose of eating. The seat often has an attachable tray that gives the child a place for their food items. Individual high chairs usually have a wide base which provides stability of this piece of baby equipment. There is often a seat belt attached to the baby high chair, also. This helps keep the baby from wiggling, falling, or climbing out of the high chair. A high chair is usually tall enough to fit nicely next to a kitchen or dining table, and the height also allows an adult the ability to easily reach the child if they are spoon-feeding him or her. The adult can reach the child from a sitting position or while standing, and can do so very comfortably because the baby high chair is so high. Hence, the given name of this piece of equipment, the baby “high chair”.

Do You Need a High Chair?

As a parent, you don’t “need” a high chair; however, it truly is a nice baby accessory to have, especially as your baby matures. A high chair is something that can be used for quite a while, so it is a worthy investment. A baby will begin to use the high chair around six months of age and will continue to use it for at least a couple of years. A high chair provides your baby with a predictable place to have their meals, as well as provides them with adequate posture as they eat and digest their food. By using a high chair for your young child, they learn to stay still while they eat, and they learn to socialize with other people that are also sitting around the table with them. As your child grows a little older, a high chair can also be a good place to put your child as they do activities such as playing with blocks, coloring, or finger painting.

When is the Right Age to Introduce Your Child to a High Chair?

As previously stated, most children can be introduced to a baby high chair around six months of age. The determining factor really depends on when a child can sit up and support themselves enough to enjoy a meal properly. Every child develops a little differently, so it will be up to you to decide when your child is ready for a high chair. It may behoove you to feed your child for short durations when they begin to use the high chair, so he or she can become more comfortable with their new surroundings. Also, it is important for you to not leave your child unattended in the high chair, just in case of an emergency.

What Kinds of High Chairs are Available?

High chairs are available in many different styles and fashions. They also are available in a wide range of prices, so you will need to decide which kind is the best baby high chair for your style and your budget. Let’s take a look at the varying types of high chairs below.

-Metal or Plastic High Chairs

Two distinctive materials that high chairs are made of are metal and plastic. Metal high chairs are not quite as popular today as they were fifty or more years ago, but some parents are purchasing metal chairs as a way to add a vintage look to their home décor. Metal high chairs traditionally come with vinyl coverings on the seat and the back of the chair. The vinyl is very easy to clean and is a very durable material. Metal chairs are very sturdy and have a long life-span.

Plastic-based high chairs are very popular in today’s market. Plastic is much lighter in weight that metal or wood, so it is easy to move around or to travel with, assuming the chair you have is collapsible. Plastic high chairs are very easy to clean and are also very durable. The accompanying plastic trays are also lightweight, which is a bonus as you wash the tray in the kitchen sink. Some other types of trays can be quite cumbersome.

-Wooden High Chairs

High chairs made of wood have been around for a very long time. Over time, they have made some significant improvements. One nice attribute of wooden high chairs that appeals to many parents is that the wood can be stained to match the kitchen or dining table. One disadvantage of wooden high chairs is that the seat is usually not padded, and could be uncomfortable for your child over a long period of time.

-Hook-On High Chairs

Hook on high chairs are another good option for parents of small children. Hook-on high chairs are especially nice is you don’t have a lot of space in your home, or if you want a high chair option that is extraordinarily portable-friendly. A hook-on high chair is simply attached to a kitchen or dining table by long metal arms, and does not have legs like a traditional high chair.

What You Should Look for in a High Chair

Picking out a high chair for your little one can be a daunting task. Once you begin your search, you quickly learn that the options available for high chairs can be overwhelming. There are many different brands to choose from, many different styles, and many different prices. It is a good idea to know the qualities that are most important to you; therefore, you can decipher the choices easily that will provide everything you need. Below are a few ideas of things that you may want to keep in mind as you shop for the best baby high chair.

-How Durable is the High Chair?

Typically, heavier high chairs that have a wide leg base are the most stable high chairs and probably the most durable. If you are planning to use the same high chair for a growing family, with perhaps multiple children, then you may wish to invest in a little more expensive high chair that will last for a longer period of time.

-Is the Tray Removable?

Would you like a tray that is removable or one that is stationary? Typically, trays that remove easily can be cleaned by the kitchen sink, and removable trays also make it easier to put your baby in and take your baby out of the high chair. It is a good idea to check the tray mechanism for ease and difficulty before purchasing.

-Is It Easy to Clean the High Chair?

It is always a wise idea to decipher whether or not the high chair will be easy or difficult to clean. Are there a lot of tight spaces and tiny little nooks and crannies that will trap food easily? Is the material that covers the child’s seat or the material for the tray, easy to wipe down, or maybe even remove them for easy cleanup jobs? Is there a seatbelt, and if so, can it be removed and washed? These are all important things to think about as you are researching high chairs, because undoubtedly, your child will have a few messes that will need to be cleaned. Just a few (smiles).

-Is the High Chair Comfortable?

Many high chairs will have padding for the child to sit on, and also along the back of the seat. Some seats can even tilt, which adds to the comfort of you baby. Seats come in different heights, too, so you may wish to pick one with a tall back, so it will be comfortable as your child grows.

Are Second-Hand High Chairs Safe for My Child?

If you would like to look into a high chair that has been previously owned, then you may find some that are very good choices. Unlike car seats that should not be reused due to safety standard advancements, high chairs are usually very long-lasting and can provide many children a safe, neat place to eat for many years. As with most baby products, though, it is a good idea to make sure the specific product has not had any previous recalls, and make sure that the high chair does meet the safety regulations that are current and that are important to you.

How Often Should You Clean Your Child’s High Chair?

Preferably, it is good practice to wipe down your baby’s high chair after each and every meal. Food that is left behind can grow mold, or your child may eat some old food left behind, if you haven’t wiped it off. Either option is not a good idea for the health of your child. Cleaning the high chair seat and the tray are very important. Rubbing with water, or a mix of water and soap, or vinegar, will help loosen any particles that appear stuck. It is a good idea to use an antibacterial cleaner on a regular basis, too. Just allow ample time for the cleaner to dry before putting your child back in to the high chair. Some removable trays can even be placed in the dishwasher, which is an attractive option that you may want to find.

Baby High Chair Reviews

As you can see, there is a lot of information to think about when you are deciding on a high chair for your little child. Once you make the decision to purchase a high chair for him or her, then you have to decide which brand to buy, which features are important, how big or small, or how portable you want the high chair, and which type will fit your style. Your child’s high chair will last for quite some time, so it is important to complete an initial search so you pick one that is best suited for you and your child.

Throughout the remainder of this article, we have highlighted some high chairs that we feel are quite note-worthy. In fact, below we have listed high chairs and their features that are the best baby high chairs on the market today. This is our top five best high chairs for 2017.

1. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

If you are interested in a high chair that will help conserve space within your home, then one of the best-selling baby high chairs is the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair. This is a hook-on type high chair, except that instead of attaching directly to the dining table, this high chair attaches to a dining, kitchen, or restaurant chair, with the use of adjustable straps. This compact high chair only weighs seven pounds and the base is made of plastic. This high chair has many wonderful features, similar to standard high chair competitors, except that this high chair takes up about half the space.

The SpaceSaver high chair has three different height adjustments, which make it easy to set the high chair at the accurate level in order to be flush beside the dining table. This high chair also has three reclining positions, as well as a five-point harness system that secures a young child in place. The high chair can be used with or without the removable tray, and the tray can easily be removed and placed in the dishwasher. The tray is also BPA-free. The seat cushion is padded and is comfortable for the child, and it can also be removed easily and is safe for the washing machine. Attached to the high chair is also a hook called a Fastfinder link. This is a convenient place to hook toys and bibs that may be needed during feeding time.

This space-saving high chair can also be used for toddlers. When the child is ready for a “bigger-kid” high chair, this high chair can be transformed to become a toddler booster seat. All that is required for it to become a toddler seat is to remove the tray, the seat pad, and the seat back. Voila! This high chair is now ready for a toddler.

This high chair has many attractive features and is definitely one of the best baby high chairs for its’ compact-size. If this type of chair sounds right for you, you will not be disappointed.

2. Evenflo Convertible High Chair

Another one of our top picks is the Evenflo Convertible High Chair. This chair is very interesting because it appears to be a standard high chair; however, the chair part can separate from the base and part of the base can be used as a table for the child. The child can then be placed in the chair part only, or the child can use the chair along with the perfectly-sized table that accompanies it. This durable high chair easily grows with the child from infancy to toddlerhood, as this high chair provides three different types of seating arrangements. The three types of arrangements are called, “Highchair, My Time Chair, and Right Size Table and Chair”.

This very contemporary-style high chair only weighs 12.2 pounds, and is available in two different colors. The color choices are called Dottie lime or Dottie rose. The high chair is made of plastic and can hold a child up to 50 pounds. The tray is removable and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning and sanitizing. The tray also has a center leg post attached to it, which helps secure the child safely in the seat, in addition to the attached seat belt. The seat cover is also removeable for easy cleaning.

This high chair is definitely a unique choice. This choice is especially nice for parents that are looking for a chair that can be used for several years as the child grows, and for multiple purposes, such as eating, playing, or working on crafts.

3. Graco Blossom 6-in1 High Chair

The Graco Blossom 6-in-1 High Chair is a remarkable high chair that has a lot to offer any parent with distinctive taste. This stylish, high-end high chair is available in six different color choices, and has great functionality throughout the first several years of a newborn’s life. The Graco high chair can be used in many varying stages of development from infancy to young child. It can be used as a traditional high chair, an infant booster seat, a toddler booster seat, or as a youth chair. With all of these multiple options, a parent can even use two seat options at one time, thus providing a space for two children to use the same seat during feeding.

The Graco high chair weighs 32 pounds and can accommodate children up to the 60-pound weight limit. The Graco high chair has 6 different height levels and 3 different reclining positions. It also has a footrest for the child, and it can be adjusted at three different levels, too. The comfortable seat is made of a premium leatherette that is easy to care for. Just wipe the seat down with soap and water, or remove the seat pad and toss it into the washing machine. The base of the Graco high chair is durable plastic. This high chair base also comes complete with two front wheels, that allow this chair the ability to move easily. The back legs have lockable casters attached that aid in keeping the chair safe and sturdy for the child. The removable tray is dishwasher-safe, and it has three divided compartments that separate the child’s food or toys. It also has a cup slot indention. A baby will stay securely in place with the use of either the three-point harness or the five-point harness.

This Graco high chair pick is one of our favorites because it comes with a lot of bells and whistles that some other high chairs do not offer. Graco has covered multiple stages of a growing child with the Blossom 6-in-1 high chair, and that is why we picked this one to highlight to perspective parents.

4. Peg Perego Siesta High Chair

If you are interested in a high chair that offers multiple functions, including the transition form eating to taking a siesta, then look no further than the Peg Perego Siesta High Chair. This beautiful, Italian-made, high-end high chair will look attractive in any room of the house. It is easily mobile with its’ floor-friendly casters that allow it to be easily glided from room to room, without catching on different flooring materials. These perfected casters are called Mar-Resistant Caster Wheels, and they lock in place automatically. They are easily released with the hand-buttons on either side of the chair.

The Siesta high chair is one of Peg Perego’s top developments, and one of our favorite high chairs. This high chair has 9 different height adjustments, as well as 5 different reclining positions. A child can easily go from an upright position while they are eating to a complete reclining position if they fall asleep. The comfortable polyester and cotton blend material of the seat is called Prima Classe Upholstery and is very easy to clean. A quick wipe with soap and water, or a toss in the washing machine, will keep the seat cushion clean and pleasing to the eye for a very long time. Behind the seat is a mesh pocket that conveniently stores toys or bibs, and the high chair can be used with or without the accompanying tray. The tray can also be stored on the back legs, when not in use. The chair has an attached footrest that provides a space for those wiggly feet of a young child, and the footrest has three adjustable positions. These positions can be changed as the child grows and matures. This high chair has a contemporary style and is made of both metal and plastic.

The Peg Perego Siesta highchair is very user-friendly. It is recommended for children from newborn to 45 pounds, so it will last for a long time. This is a highly recommended high chair that will no doubt lend many compliments for you about the beauty, ease, and functionality of the chair.

5. Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair

It probably isn’t often that one thinks of a high chair and entertainment in the same thought, but that is exactly what you will find with this Fisher-Price Rainforest High Chair. This modern high chair is manufactured complete with a rainforest toy that a young child will enjoy for quite some time. The rainforest toy requires 3 AA batteries (not included) and plays music, lights-up, and has an abundance of playful activities. A child can stay entertained while the parent is preparing dinner or just finishing up some kitchen chores.

The frame of this Fisher-Price high chair is constructed of metal and weighs 18 pounds. The weight limit for a child is 50 pounds, so this chair is designed to last from infancy through toddlerhood. This high chair folds easily for storage or mobility, and it has a removable tray that can be slipped right in to the dishwasher. The seat pad, detachable newborn pillow, and the safety straps are also removable and can be washed. The high chair has seven height adjustments that is wonderful for finding the right fit for the highchair near a kitchen or dining table.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Cahir is quite a contender when it comes to picking out our favorite baby high chairs that are on the market today. This high chair focuses on the whole child, as the brightly-colored toy and colors aim at the visual sense and the tactile ability of the growing young person. If entertainment is on your mind, as well as providing a safe, comfortable place for your child to eat his or her meals, then this high chair may just be the perfect one for you.

Some Final Thoughts

We have listed for you our top five best baby high chairs of 2017, and hopefully we have given you some products to ponder and have some “food for thought”. The investigating and hard work is now up to you, as you decide which high chair is going to be the best high chair for you, your growing family, and your home. It isn’t a decision of critical questions and answers, but it is definitely one that will make an impact on the functionality of your home-life and the life of your baby for the first few years of their lives. Maybe our discussion here, along with your own investigation, will provide you with the insight needed to pick the very best high chair.

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