Best Postpartum Girdle 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

After the baby delivery, the situation that every new mom faces is the belly and body shape correction. No matter what type of delivery you’ve had, a postpartum girdle will help you get back in shape.

​These products provide a multitude of useful features to young moms while they’re taking care of their newborns. The stabilization, belly size reduction, and overall great looks that these products provide make every single mom out there looking fabulous.

If you’re looking for one, you’ve come to the right place. With the information we provide, you’ll find the best postpartum girdle in no time.

Why use a postpartum girdle?

  • Postpartum girdle appeared on the market to help mothers to perform obligations with the child easily, to have a quicker recovery and to feel desirable even with few extra pounds.
  • The first changes you'll notice in your body after childbirth, are those related to physical appearance, or extra pounds. During pregnancy, doctors recommend that women with normal body mass index should gain 25 - 35 pounds, while women who are already obese should gain between 15 - 25 pounds. After giving birth, most women, even those who have complied with medical advice, consider themselves overweight. However, the period after childbirth isn’t right for dieting. It is believed that at least for six months’ postpartum women shouldn’t be on a diet, and this is especially important for those moms who breastfeed. Postpartum belly wrap is the perfect solution here: it provides abdominal compression and perfectly shapes your body and hides your small flaws, while at the same time helps you lose the post pregnancy tummy by strengthening abdominal muscles.​
  • Women who have had C-section need a longer recovery period after giving birth than women who had a natural childbirth. They suffer the pain even after the delivery, and mustn’t be exposed to great strain. A postpartum girdle protects the C-section incision and supports it. Also, it reduces the chances of breaking C-section sutures and the wound eviscerating due to sudden movements.​
  • Pain in the back and hips occur in all mothers due to nine months of pregnancy and frequent bending - putting and taking the baby out of the cradle, changing diapers and carrying the newborn. Safe compression on lumbar regions and even hips, which postpartum girdle provides, will improve posture and reduce the back pain.​​

When can I start wearing a postpartum girdle?

Before making a decision, consult with your doctor. His approval will depend on the postpartum examination. In most cases, it can be worn right after the delivery or from the next day. After the C-sections, the doctors can sometimes delay wearing the postpartum girdle until the staples are removed, and sterile strips are put on. But in most cases, you can wear it after the delivery.

How long can I wear the postpartum girdle?

  • It depends on your body specifics and on what effect you want to achieve. Recommended duration is from four to six weeks because it is very hard to determine how long it takes for the uterus to get back to its size or abdominal muscles to recover their pre-pregnancy strength. Also, the skin elasticity and tummy size differ from woman to woman. That’s why some women regain their pre-pregnancy shape fast, and some may take more time.
  • You will achieve the most benefits if you wear the postpartum girdle every day (even while sleeping) especially during the first week after the delivery. Most women continue to wear it all the time, long after the first-week ends but if you don’t find it comfortable to sleep with, you can take it off at nights.​
  • ​If you have had C-section, you may stop wearing it once the stitches heal. It is usually after four weeks, but sometimes it can take longer if the blood or lymph circulation is disturbed.

Types of postpartum girdles

Choosing the model is based on your body shape and needs. There are various models so when making a decision think about material, comfort, effectiveness and durability.

Zipper style girdle

Corset style girdle

Pull-up style girdle

Wrap style girdle

Top 5 Best Postpartum Girdle Reviews 2017

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can click these links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

#1. Squeem "Perfect Waist"

Squeem Perfect Waist is a product of famous Brazilian manufacturer positioned among the top shapewear manufacturing firms on the market. Naturally rooted in Brazilian fashion, they re-envisioned shapewear for some time now, and we are talking about more than eighty years.

This particular waist cincher offers excellent belly control allowing you to feel comfortable and confident. As soon as you put it on, it will instantly pull in your bulging tummy also tramping up the thermal action in your body by accelerating the process of your metabolism. It will cause the extra fat to melt away by increasing the sweat build up and eliminating harmful toxic elements in your body.

Our Rating: 

One of the greater features is Perfect Waist’s material which is made with Squeem’s unique technology for fused fabrics. Its outer layer is made of natural rubber, and the inner layer is made of pure cotton allowing you to feel safe once you wrap it around your midsection.

The feedback for Squeem Perfect Waist has been very positive satisfying many customers even though there have been some complaints about the size issues. Other than that it is a great waist cincher for anyone who wants achieve an hourglass figure and to remove unsightly bumps.​

Things We Liked

  • Removes any unsightly bulges
  • Quality materials
  • Doesn’t roll up or down

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Size issues
  • Can smell a bit
  • Short torso

#2. 3 in 1 Postpartum Support

This unique girdle has three separate, adjustable pieces. In other words – three belts in one to address problems with different parts of your body: belly, waist, and pelvis. Its purpose is to help you get your muscles and stomach to normal shape after birth.

This belly wrap comes in one size, but it is not a problem since it is adjustable by loosening or tightening the belt allowing you to customize the best fit for your dimensions. The belts can be used separately so you can use one of the belts based on the progress you achieved.

Our Rating: 

The recommendation is to use it for the first seven days, and then switch to the waist belt when you need further support for the weeks to come. It 's nice to know that this girdle is high quality, lightweight and very comfortable; furthermore, will not irritate your skin like some other belly wraps.

Having said that, some users did find it complicated to use at the beginning since it comes in separate pieces, but it shouldn’t be a problem later on when you get used to it. It is available only in nude color, and it uses a Velcro so it could be somewhat more visible under your clothes.​

Things We Liked

  • Individual belts for belly, waist and hips
  • High quality
  • Doesn’t irritate skin

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Individual belts could be tricky
  • Bulky
  • Not completely invisible

#3. Trendyline Women Postpartum Girdle

The Trendyline Postpartum Girdle is constructed from lightweight, stretchable and breathable materials. It is available in four sizes (small, medium and large) making it a perfect fit for literally every woman out there.

This girdle will provide effective support helping you flatten and tighten the postpartum belly. Also, it provides tremendous back support, and it can be especially beneficial after a C-section. Its adjustable closure is a perfect choice for comfortable use making it easy to take on and off, and extra Velcro straps will wrap around to keep your belly very secured.​

Our Rating: 

It should be noted that this girdle can be worn during aerobic exercise. However, it is also pointed out that it can be a little bulky for some women since the lumps can be noticed through clothes. Also, it does not cover the whole torso, so if you put it lower, your extra skin could show off on top. Not the best choice if you want to be fashionable but for practical uses, it does the job well.​

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Reasonable price

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Visible under clothes
  • Runs a bit small in sizes
  • Doesn’t cover the whole torso
  • The Velcro bunches up

#4. Bellefit Postpartum Girdle

Made by one of the best-selling postpartum girdle manufacturers, the Bellefit Girdles are usually promoted as medical-grade products for childbirth recovery that will effectively tighten stretched abdomen muscles. The Bellefit offers a sleek look, and for that, it is a top choice for wearing it in public and especially for special occasions.

​Bellefit provides four styles that you can choose from – a pull-up, a girdle with a zipper, a dual girdle, and a corset. They all deliver the same effect but are different in closure means. Even more, a handy styling guide is provided which will help you decide which style is the most efficient based on particular body type.

Our Rating: 

These girdles are sturdy and most importantly reliable – they will not roll up or slip done, and the zippers and snaps are all top-quality. They are very breathable since they are made of microporous fabric which will not hold sweat while you wear them.

It will definitely help you to get your stomach back to its normal shape and most of all – it will look attractive. Although, some women are complaining about the saddle between legs being slightly wider leading to rashes of the inner thighs; besides that it is very attractive and easy to hide postpartum girdle.​

Things We Liked

  • Premium quality
  • Very attractive
  • Available in different styles
  • Seamless under the clothes

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Uncomfortable saddle
  • Pricey

#5. Just Us Store Fajate VS Colombian Post-Surgery Postpartum Body Shaper Girdle

Just Us Store Fajate VS Colombian Post-Surgery Postpartum Body being another braless girdle will target the trimming of the waist by flattening the stomach while the wearer can pair this girdle with her desired bra. This product is certainly more than a postpartum body shaper especially recommended for post surgeries.

Most importantly, it will offer a great compression on the abdomen and waist keeping everything tucked in while being very comfortable and also covering both backside and upper back. Your body will once again have that clean, familiar lines with enhanced curves without any bulges to pop out. It has a sturdy mesh outer layer which will bind you tightly and an inner layer made of soft and comfy material.​

Our Rating: 

Even though the style of this particular girdle is such that it makes it stretched to the mid-leg for ease of use, but still there are issues of annoying roll-ups unfortunately. On the other hand, it has an open crotch, so young mothers would not face any difficulties while peeing.​

Things We Liked

  • Good quality
  • Great for post-surgery
  • Anti-microbial fabric

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Leg roll up issue
  • Tight crotch opening
  • Small in sizing


We often hear people say: when the mother is happy the baby is happy too. And they are right. Mother transmits her emotions to the baby, and that way is important to feel good in your skin.

One of the ways is to make postpartum recovery easier by choosing the right postpartum girdle. In our opinion, the best postpartum girdle is Squeem "Perfect Waist". The reasons are numerous: they are very fashionable and sexy and completely invisible underneath the clothes.

These girdles are made of quality material that allows your skin to breathe and at the same time provide perfect support for abdominal muscles. From various models just choose the one that suits you the most and enjoy in time spent with your newborn.

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