How to Choose the Best Pillow to Avoid Neck Pain

The neck is a human body formed with an array of vertebrae, which extend from skull to upper torso. Cervical disks in the human body absorb shocks occurring between the bones. The head is supported by, bones, ligaments, and muscles of the neck, which allows the neck to move and support the head. Any abnormalities in the functioning of these causes neck pain.

Neck pain is very common condition observed in humans. Although this is not a serious problem and occasionally occurs, it ‘s hard to manage some time. It happens mainly due to the wrong posture while sitting in office or sleeping, or working for long hours in front of computers. The primary factor causing neck pain is the use of the wrong pillow that you are using.

How to avoid neck pain

To avoid neck pains caused due to these reasons can avoid or cure with the right choice of pillow. The pillow will keep the neck in supportive position in a neutral alignment, which eradicates stress from the neck. The pillow should be right in height, shape and stiffness to make the neck relax during sleep, providing the perfect level of support. Therefore, you have to select the pillow that can support your neck and spines are in right position.

Factors need to consider while choosing a pillow

The research has shown various factors that are relevant while choosing a right pillow. Here is the list of the factors.

  • Firstly, select a relatively wide pillow that can ultimately accommodate your head. The head and the shoulders should have a gap so that the neck exposes to the air correctly. The fact is that it is necessary to keep one’s neck and shoulder warm to prevent any ache or stiffness.
  • Generally, we can find that some people prefer to use more than one pillow during their sleep. It is a bad practice and must stop. Use of more than one pillow makes the neck tilt one’s head upwards, which cause strain in the neck. It is better to use one pillow of right choice, and that is enough.
  • The pillow should be such that it suits the sleeping position of a person, for instance, if a person has a habit of side sleeping then he must choose a soft and flat, which ensures that his neck does not tilt and thus does not cause strain in the neck.
  • Along with this, one who is a side sleeper should use a firm knee pillow so that his spine remains in a straight position. It does not allow the two knees to come together and cause strain in the spin. Hence, this also avoids pressure in the neck as it remains connected in the right position to the spine.
  • One must know the features or properties of his pillow, which may or may not be beneficial for him. In epitome, consider a pillow made up of feather or down based pillow. Sometimes, this would not resolve the problem of your neck as it is not soft enough and unable to provide required support in right position. In this case, it is preferred to use a pillow, which is water based, or memory foam pillows, as this will provide sufficient support to your neck.
  • The right choice of a pillow can resolve most of the neck pain issues. This neck ache can get adverse if you are using a wrong pillow, for example, a pregnancy pillow cannot cure your neck pain caused due to strain or stiffness in the neck.
  • You have to replace a flat pillow, which is hard to aerate again, as a flat pillow cannot support the neck and head in a right posture.

Try using a new pillow

The best way to find out a pillow that suits well with your sleeping pattern is to go for an extensive trial and error until you find out a suitable one. The best pillow can support your neck during your sleep by keeping your cervical spine in a neutral alignment. The pillow must be able to support the natural curve of your neck.

Selecting the best suitable pillow depends on your sleeping patterns. Therefore, you have to give attention to the factors how a pillow can support your sleeping preferences. Let us check here some of the preferences:

  1. Flat pillows work well with some people as they get considerable relief from neck pain when they use a flat pillow. An orthopedic pillow with deep depression can also give proper neck support and hence help to reduce neck pain.
  2. By having support with a pillow when they prefer to sleep in a side position.
  3. People use reclining bed finds the considerable reduction in neck pain backed by a relatively flat pillow.

For individuals who toss around the bed need to keep more than one pillow preferably so that they can use the pillow to support their sleeping position adequately.

Best pattern of sleeping

Sleeping on your back is the best-recommended position that can give adequate rest for your spine. People, who prefer to sleep on side, should not use a very high pillow. The ideal thickness of a pillow for side sleep is 4 to 6 inches. The height of the pillow should not hinder the movement of your head and neck unnaturally. When you feel the pillow is not comfortable, then it is better not to continue using it.

Exercise and hydrating are important

In addition to selecting right pillow for sleeping, it is imperative to do exercise that can strengthen the neck muscles. Try to do some neck stretching exercises. You can try practicing chin tuck exercise.

Another important thing to strengthen your neck muscles is by giving proper hydration. You hydrate your neck disc by drinking more water. Drink more water during daytime. The discs are of spongy tissue and contain more water presence. Drinking water can drive more water into the disc, and that will help your neck firm and pliable.

Memory foam pillows are good for people with neck ache, as they fit suitable to retain the correct posture of the body during sleep.

Therefore, considering the particular type and cause of your neck pain, you need to select right pillow relevant to sort out your neck pain issues. Take your own time and do a trial and error before you finalize a pillow that is most suitable for your sleeping preferences.

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Wade Joel - June 28, 2016

Everyone would love to enjoy a great night’s sleep and not have to worry about any pain they may have. I know my dad used to complain a lot about how his neck would hurt, but, I did not know that getting the right pillow may help that. I did not know that sleeping on your back was the best-recommended position to sleep because I thought it didn’t really matter as long as you slept well.

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