Depression During Pregnancy

As we pass so many stages of our life right from birth to adult, an important stage in women’s life is pregnancy. It makes you feel a new dawn of your life. You will feel completely coupled with immense joy and excitement. Though most of the moms consider pregnancy a new life of happiness, a certain percentage of moms tend to struggle with the symptoms of depression due to hormonal changes.

The hormonal changes make the person to be more anxious than normal. Your emotional health is very much important for your physical health. If you ignore these symptoms, it may increase the risk of preterm labor. Therefore, this article is going to help you analyze the risk factors and treatment to be undertaken.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression

The sign of stress differs from person to person. However, if you experience the following symptoms in the last few weeks, it could be a symptom that you are depressed and dejected

  • A feel of tear-jerking, gloomy mood
  • Energy of low-spirit
  • Energy of low-spirit
  • A sensational motivation of suicide
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lack of interest in doing things
  • Difficult to concentrate on the work
  • Feeling of irritation when someone asks about the health
  • Getting tensed easily and argues for silly reasons

If you have any one of the symptoms mentioned above, it is better to get the help of an elder people or family doctor as early as possible as it will affect the growth of the baby if untreated

Incitement for depression

Some people very often get depressed than others. It is because they are prone to depression if isolated from the family and if we leave them alone. These types of women undergo severe mental worries.

The following factors may cause depression during the stage of pregnancy​

  • Physical discomfort: In case if you happen to know from your doctor that you have to undergo an operation during pregnancy. You will feel depressed and worry about the life of your family
  • Financial concerns: Family finance is one of the main depressing factors during pregnancy. Also if you worry about expenses in childbirth, after birth that gives you a high stress
  • Difficulty in relationships: As your mind and thoughts revolve only around your baby, you will forget to care about your partner that may lead to unwanted arguments. Also if you have an elder child, you may think about how they would be affected by the lack of care and affection.
  • Fear about childbirth: If you had any miscarriage in the early life, you might be scared about the normal health and birth of a baby then your risk of depression will increase.

So, if you experience any of the above-referred facts for depression, do not feel shy or uncomfortable to discuss with your parents or husband. Keep in mind that depression is just a change of hormonal imbalance and not the permanent sickness. With the help of a right guidance and support, you are sure to become healthy both physically and mentally.

Therapy for depression

During the depressed stage of pregnancy, there are two main treatments available, and they are Psychological and Medication therapies. Therefore, it is your mindset to blame for your anxiety.

Psychological treatment

The treatment of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will serve you the best to come out of your dejection. This type of therapy helps to control your emotions and suppress your negative thoughts.

The kind of treatment differs and depends on your level of depression. If it is mild, you may go through online books, or leaflets that take you to some short treatment. If you find the problem persists, then it is a shred of evidence to confirm that you are severely depressed, and you have to get the problem sorted out by the psychiatrist.


If the above therapy does not work out properly then it is better to go for medication. It is not advisable to take herbal remedies for depression without any proper consultation with your doctor. If you are taking any treatment for mental illness, do not stop it, as it will create the risk for your baby. Your Gynecologist may suggest you a combination of medication along with the psychological therapy depends on your level of depression.

Concern about yourself

Do not do the household works alone, as you have to strain yourself. Cut down the unwanted chores and relax by listening to melodious music, as it will reduce the stress to a particular extent. Taking care of yourself is as much important as taking care of your infant.

Therefore, if you feel that you are undergoing anxiety or depression, it is wise enough to consult your family doctor. You family doctor can give you proper guidance on treating you directly or give a follow up with the mental health care provider center where they might be able to offer confidential health support.

Above all, you may eat well, do some exercise and have a proper sleep are all high-up factors to fight against depression. Make sure to be relaxed by listening to music, a little walk and doing yoga will boost up your lost spirit and makes you feel better than ever to bring up a new beginning to your life!​

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