How To Ease Labor Pains (10 Ways)

How To Ease Labor Pains - 10 Ways

So, you are getting ready for labor. The feelings of joy and expectation for your new little one can sometimes be overshadowed by fear; the fear of labor and delivery.  The best advice I have been given when it comes to fear is knowledge replaces fear. So, let’s look at ways to replace that fear and get back to the anticipation of your new baby coming into this world.

1. Pleasant Background Noise

Sometimes, as you begin in the labor process, the noise of your room is too quiet or too noisy. With the busy sounds of nurses, family, or even street noises can just drive you crazy during labor. Make a calming atmosphere with music or even quiet can help.

2. Massage

As you progress into labor, a massage is a wonderful relaxation technique. It also helps relax your partner even though they are not having the baby they have just as much stress as you. It’s helpful throughout each stage of labor. A massage can definitely ease labor pains.

3. Warm Bath

During the first stages of labor, a warm bath, and essential oils are very relaxing for the body. Relaxing is the key to pain management in labor. Some women even decide to have their babies in water births in big pools or bath tubs.

4. Distraction

Now we are getting farther into the labor process. Distraction, believe it or not, is very helpful and a lot of unforgettable memories come from this. Some of the things you can do are visit with your partner, watch TV between contractions, or even read a book of jokes. This sounds like it wouldn’t help but surprisingly, it does.

5. Meditation

Once you get to that point of “I don’t want to talk to anyone, it hurts too much” the real hard labor starts. Meditation is great at this point in labor because, it helps you to start managing your pain. The relaxing begins here and if you embrace relaxing, you stay above your pain; meaning you don’t get lost in it. If you get lost in the pain, it’s hard to enjoy the birth of your baby.

6. Breathing

Breathing is actually something that is very helpful throughout labor. They teach breathing techniques in all of the birthing classes the hospitals offer. Not only does it give your baby oxygen it also gives you a focus point. On tv you hear, “Breathe. Breathe,” in all the labor scenes; well, it helps.

7. Changing Positions

Moving around whether it’s walking around or leaning on your partner can help during those tough contractions. Even squatting down almost into a squat position can help to move the baby around and to help ease the pain.

8. Concentration

Concentrating on something is a surprisingly great way to stay above the pain. Sometimes a wet cloth can feel so comforting. Concentrate on wiggling your toes. This is actually my favorite way to deal with pain. Contractions are even a focus point. Count your way through them waiting for the peak of the contraction then enjoying the valley.

9. Be Yourself

The most important thing in labor is being yourself. If you feel like yelling, go ahead and yell. If you want to crunch ice, crunch ice. Embrace this experience and the new life you are about to meet. Make this about you. Cuddle with your partner or don’t be touched, it’s up to you. This is essential to ease the labor pain.

10. Medication

Medication is a very helpful way to get through the pain of labor. An epidural is a great idea if you want to skip most of the pain or even have something given near the end of labor to get through the really tough part. It is not easy to make it through labor and medication can make it possible. There have been many studies and it is absolutely safe and will not harm your baby.


Labor can be overwhelming, but if you know ways to stay above the pain, decrease it, or even make it go away, it can be one of the most enjoyable, memorable times of your life. Embrace the experience as you go through it and maybe even record it.

It is a special time that can be overshadowed in a big way by the pain and the fear of it, but as anything in life remember it will not last forever and you will make it through it. Then after it is done you will have the most precious gift you have ever held in your arms; your baby. The pain will all be forgotten when it’s over and that is why so many women of course go through it again with more children.

As I’ve told my daughters through their deliveries, think about the women all over the world, we all go through this. It’s quite amazing to think about. So, as you go into labor, remember that you have what it takes to be able to overcome the pain; knowledge. Use that knowledge in your own way and make your labor whatever you want it to be. I hope you found this article on how to ease labor pains helpful. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below.

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