How to Wash Your Pillow?

Buying a pregnancy pillow is a must for all pregnant women. However, that being said, you should pay adequate attention to its cleaning as well. As you sleep with this pillow daily, it accumulates night sweat. Plus, do you know that at least 10% weight of a pillow which is two years old comprises of dust mites. Yes, you read that right. Dust mites and their droppings are common in pregnancy pillows, and hence, you need to clean it at regular intervals.

Category of pillows

Since washing pillow routinely is an important thing especially during your pregnancy, you should buy a pillow that is easy to wash. Most of the pregnancy pillows come with fiber filling or foam filling. Apart from these, you can find cotton filled special pillows. Out of this, fiber and foam filled pillows are easily washable, and you can have many fiber variations in this category.

Best method of washing

For getting best results, we recommend you to wash two pillows at a time by using your washing machine. Avoid the agitator style washing and if there is no option other than agitator style washing, then you may keep the pillow vertically in the machine. Do not stuff the pillow in the washing machine as they way we use to load the clothes for washing. From the top opening, you may vertically drop the pillow to stay them straight in the washing drum. So that chances of getting it wrangled by the agitator are very less. Vertical position washing is possible only with top loading washing machine.

Before you take the pillow for washing, read the washing instructions stitched along with the pillow. If there are no instructions available, then wash it on a gentle cycle using warm water options. After cleaning add some cold water and again spin it for drying. Apply low heat and dry the pillow by turning them often and fluffing. This action will give the pillow firm and full look. Their resilient nature will help to get back its original shape once the pillow dried up thoroughly.

Foam pillows and cotton pillows are difficult to wash in washing machine. What you can do is, by removing its cover; you can clean its cover as instructed. If the covers come with a zipping opening, then it will be easy to remove and clean. For removing dust from foam pillow, use a vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum cleaner’s upholstery cleaning suction nozzle to clean the foam pillow. You can also tumble the pillow after heat drying.

For cleaning stains, you may use spot cleaning technique. You can do this by using a cloth dipped in mild soap or detergent solution. Rinse the area with a damp cloth and wash the area with clean water. Before you place it back to the cover, make sure to air dry it properly.

Foam pillows are easy to hand wash. You can gently clean it mild soap water and allow to air dry. Please remember wet foam pillow are hefty and hence prone to spoil. Therefore, the best way to keep foam pillow clean is, use it with a liner cover beneath the original cover of the pillow. Therefore, instead of cleaning the foam pillow, you can easily clean the liner cover of the foam pillow.

Tips for washing your pregnancy pillow

Cleaning your pregnancy pillow can prove to be a time-consuming and tedious task. However, with following important steps, you can keep your pillow fresh, clean and new easily:

  1. Always check the label of your pillow to ensure that they are machine washable.
  2. Also, check if your pillow contains any tearing which required stitching or repaired before washing your pillow.
  3. Push start the machine button and let it run for full three minutes before putting your pillow in so that there is even mixing of soap and water.
  4. Select the option of 'gentle' washing and wash your pillow for 4-8 minutes.
  5. Dry your pillow in the machine for around 20 minutes using 'air only' option.
  6. Always wash your pregnancy pillow separately in the machine as it is big in size and needs more space.

Steps of washing your pregnancy pillow

  • Suitable water temperature

You can use warm or cold water, but do not use hot water. It ruins the structure of your pillow and makes it lumpy.

  • Mild detergent

You should never use soap for washing your pregnancy pillow, which comprises of bleach or chlorine. Use a single cap of mild detergent.

  • Tumble dry

To keep your pregnancy pillow fluffy, you can put a tennis ball in the dryer. It will help in retaining the structure of your pillow.

  • Fluffing the pillow

You can fluff your pillow manually. This action will assist in maintaining its bounciness as well its structure.

  • Spot cleaning

If there is a small stain on your pillow, and you do not try to clean the entire pillow, you can spot clean it. Just put some mild detergent on a damp cloth to rub out that dirt or stain. Then, air-dry the pillow.

Filling of the pillow

Before cleaning your pregnancy pillow, you should make sure about the filling of the same as not all pillows can be machine washed. You should also check for special instructions, if any, mentioned by the manufacturer.

Pregnancy pillows are bigger in size than the normal pillows. Therefore, you should pay extra attention before washing them. You should not wash it more than twice or thrice each month. More washing can spoil the structure of the pillow, and they might lose their fluffiness.

The most important thing you should consider before washing your pillow is the filling of the pillow.

  • Synthetic filling

These pillows are cheaper to buy, and some women find them to be uncomfortable. By using a washing machine, it can wash gently. It is better to use hot water for washing them. For drying the pillow, you can use a tennis ball or dryer ball so that the pillow does not turn lumpy and retain their shape. Washing machine dryer can use to dry the pillow.

  • Natural/ Organic material

Avoid machine washing for natural or organic material filled pillows. Instead, it is better to get dry clean. However, if you decide to clean them at your home, it is advisable to hand wash them in warm soapy water. These pillows should be air dried naturally.

  • Styrofoam filling

These pillows should not wash with a machine. However, you can clean them with the help of vacuum cleaners. Clean it both sides slowly and carefully by using the upholstery suction nozzle.

  • Memory foam filling

Pillows with memory foam filling should be hand washed using warm, soapy water. Do not put these pillows in a machine for drying them. It can make them lose their shape. After washing, air-dry it.


Pregnancy pillows are comfort pillows. Regular washing and cleaning them is a hygienic way to avoid any skin disease or the breathing problem or any allergy. You can buy a removable cover for your pillow and wash it as and when washing is required. However, not every pregnancy pillow comes with a removable cover. In that situation, you have only one option to wash the pillow as when it is required. We have tried to offer you with some useful tips to make the entire process easier and hassle free. Use these tips and stop worrying yourself about night sweats and dust mites and enjoy peaceful sleep on your clean pillow.

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