How to Identify and Cope with Postpartum Sweating

A pregnant women’s body retains a lot of water during pregnancy. Sweating is the top most way by which your body eliminates extra water retained. So if you wonder why you sweat nonstop after giving birth, this is the reason. Your kidneys also work hard towards this, and you will be unusually urinating more during the first week after delivery. All credits to the estrogen level variation, which also contributes to this.

Excessive perspiring during both day and night can be annoying but with proper knowledge and some tips regarding the symptoms, you will be able to cope up with postpartum sweating.

The cause of postpartum

The real cause of postpartum sweating is not clear until now. It is believed to be the effect of changes in hormone levels happening in your body after delivery. When you start breastfeeding, your body again undergoes a lot of change which increases hormone levels. Again, this can be one of the causes of sweating and hot flushes. Even if you are not breastfeeding, as long as milk production is happening in your body, the temperature is going to rise.

How long does it last?

Postpartum sweating can last until a week, or it can go up to 6 weeks in some women. Every woman is different so the way your bodies react will also differ. It can last longer or come to an end soon.

Tips to cope up with postpartum sweating

  • Increase water intake
    The most important thing is to drink a lot of water at regular intervals. Increase water intake in the form of plain water and juices. You can also have vegetables and fruits which are rich in water content so as to stock up on fluids. As you are losing plenty of water due to sweating, it is important to have more fluids so that you do not get dehydrated. Checking the color of your urine will tell you whether you have enough fluids or not.
  • Take a refreshing shower before bed
    Cooling your body will help you to keep the effects of sweating at a distance. Taking a shower before bed and drinking cold water will help to an extent. Wearing lightweight weight clothes can give some room for comfort. If you are having rashes, use a good talcum powder right after the shower. Using talcum powder can help in absorbing excess sweat and also prevents the development of heat rashes in your body. Taking a shower daily is also important to keep yourself away from sweat.
  • Say no to alcohol
    It is a well-known fact that drinking alcohol can dehydrate your body in several ways. It decreases the production of the anti-diuretic hormone in your body. The hormone is helpful in reabsorbing water content. With less hormone production, your body is going to lose more fluid than usual. To deal with postpartum sweating, you need to stay away from alcohol completely.
  • Try home remedies
    Home remedies work like magic in dealing with postpartum sweating. Try adding a spoonful of apple cider vinegar to the water before taking a bath. Adding fresh mint leaves and lemon juice can also help in managing to sweat and controlling body odor.
  • Check your diet
    Some foods can cause an increase in sweating and body odor. Avoid having foods like garlic and cumin which can contribute to increasing body odor. Limit the portion of meat and spices included in your diet.
  • Talk with your doctor
    Although postpartum sweating is common with women, it is important to do a checkup after consulting your doctor. Excessive sweating can also be symptoms of some severe medical conditions. If you are having either thyroid issues or hormone disorders, excessive sweating can be a warning of the condition.
  • Wear comfy clothes
    Sweaty underarms and patchy clothes can be a turn-off; especially you are planning to socialize. Wear light weight and comfortable clothes when you step out of the home. Cotton fabrics are preferred because it allows your skin to breath. Wash your clothes daily because sweat has a habit of wetting everything, which gets in contact with skin.


Your body is going to go through many changes because you have done a tedious job of gestation and giving birth to your new bundle of joy. Between the entire trauma, do not deviate yourself enjoying motherhood which is special in every way. Relax yourself, keep calm and have enough rest. Your body is going to get back to its normal form soon, which is a natural process.

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