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Along with the happiness and excitement of pregnancy, also brings along aches and discomfort especially in the third trimester. Belly grows big and sleeping becomes extremely uncomfortable and painful. Each person has a preferred sleeping position, however in pregnancy, not all sleeping positions are healthy for the baby's growth. Doctors recommend pregnant women to sleep on their sides, for safety and comfort. For those who are not used to sleeping on their side and to decrease the risk of turning over, maternity pillows are extremely effective.

These pillows come in various sizes, in a couple of shapes. J shaped pillow is the popular, as it provides support to the back , neck and head. They are long, usually over 5 feet, to prop up the entire body while asleep. Being cautious during pregnancy is advised, this is especially true when asleep. In an unconscious state, we tend to move in all directions to help the body ease into a comfortable position. Pregnancy pillow usage aids in acting as a barrier and reminds the sleeper to remain in the right posture.

Options In Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows come in many types, depending on the stage of pregnancy, users can choose from the various types. Each type of maternity pillow has its own benefits. Choosing a pregnancy pillow is extremely subjective, totally depends on the predominant sleeping position, personal preferences such as shape and material and budget.

Full Body Pillows

Full body pillows are the most popular and biggest pregnancy pillows. They come in a couple of different standard sizes. The come encased with a top layer, which can be removed and washed for hygiene. There is an option to also buy extra pillow cases in case the user feels the need to do so. These body pillows look just like a head pillow but are longer, enough to give support to the entire body. After a couple of days of use, the sides of the pillow mould themselves to allow maximum comfort to each body shape.

Curve Shaped Pillows

Curve shaped pillows come in 3 letter shapes, the J, U and C. They are shaped like these alphabets, each providing comfort in their unique way. Knowing experience of users that have used the various shapes will give an idea of what they have to offer to a pregnant woman. Different shapes provide support different parts of the body, choosing one will depend on what the user is looking for in terms of comfort and support. For example, U shaped pillows give the same support on both sides, without the need to switch the pillow when changing sides.

Wedge Pillows

Those looking to use a maternity pillow, that is not a full body pillow, wedge shaped pregnancy pillows are the other option. They are narrow on one side and thicker on the other, just like a cut out wedge. The narrow part is designed to be inserted under the desired body part, either the belly, back, head or legs. The pillow is soft, while being firm at the same time.

The narrow portion fits into the crevices of the body while underneath and the thicker portion of the pillow, then offers enough support to the body, so that pregnant women do not accidentally sleep on their stomachs. As heartburn is a common issue among pregnant women, the elevation that the wedge pillow provides, helps to relieve this symptom.


With the increasing popularity of pregnancy pillows and market demand, more and more manufacturers are producing maternity pillows. Especially those brands that are already in the baby market, are coming up with unique designs, in all shapes and colors to provide both comfort and an aesthetic appeal.

More pregnant women are willing to invest in a pregnancy pillow that is not the old boring basic colors, they are looking to match their pillow to their interiors and bedding linen. Besides this aspect, it is advisable to always go for natural, high quality fabric and stuffing, in order to stay away from allergies or rashes.


There are pregnancy pillows available for all price points. The cheaper ones might not be made with the most high quality material, therefore not suitable for sensitive skins or those with allergies. Pregnant women are told to be extra cautious as they are more susceptible to health issues. Therefore, a budget friendly pillow, which is manufactured responsibly, keeping in mind the vulnerability of the user, is the best to invest in. There are also the high end maternity pillows, stuffed with down feathers, encased in pure cotton or linen for breathability.


Maternity pillow brings with it many benefits, no pregnant women will ever regret investing in this product. Especially, because it provides so much comfort and ease by providing peaceful sleep. Sleep is required for both rest and healing, this cannot be truer for a pregnant aching body which needs much more sleep during this period. Many online reviews on each product from various companies are the best guide, especially those reviews written by new mothers, who have had recent experience in using the pillows.

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