Is Your Baby Healthy?

Pollution is increasing today at great speed. We often feel sickness when any disease infects us, but the infants are so delicate to this wild nature. Air pollution increases the asthma attacks. You need to take care of your little one. Diseases like fever, cough, nausea, and vomiting are common in them. Their skin is not hard like ours, so it gets the infection. Wet diapers and tight underwear can cause rashes and marks on the body. Here are some basic tips by which you can avoid getting him or her ill.


It avoids many deadly diseases like polio. It boosts the immune power of the infant to fight the diseases. These diseases can cause severe health problems in your baby. You need to know about all the vaccines and their functions. Visit your doctor regularly and also, check his or her weight. He or she may receive up to twenty-four vaccinations for different diseases. Some vaccinations which are important are hepatitis A and B, polio, influenza, measles, tuberculosis, rubella, and typhoid.

Is Your Baby Healthy?


Baby gets his or her colour yellow because of the excessive amount of bilirubin present in their blood. Their liver isn't much stronger to break down that amount of bilirubin. So, it is a condition in most cases. It is known as jaundice. But, if it gets severe in them, it can cause damage to their neuron tissues and brain. So, you need to check your doctor for first few weeks to get it clear. For instance, his or her body colour will remain yellow if this disease persists.

Cough and excessive crying

Your baby is a gentle creature that needs care. If he or she breastfeeds for the first time, he or she can spit out that milk or a cough. It is also similar while drinking water or any other liquid. You should consult your doctor if your baby does not stop it or if he or she cough every time you feed them. It can be any problem with their lungs or digestive system. Crying is a normal condition with your baby. Keep him comfort in a fluffy towel. You should take care of his temperature, his feedings, and wet diapers to keep him or her quiet. It is yet a struggle to keep him or her happy.

Is Your Baby Healthy?

Respiratory signs

These can cause serious problems with your baby's health. You should always take care of his or her respiration. Study the motion of their body. He or she should not breathe abnormally after few days after his or her birth. If it persists, you should immediately call your doctor. It can be a serious condition.


Babies are soft and likely they are in safe and sterile conditions in the womb. But when they take birth, they are susceptible to the viruses and the bacteria. They will try to enter him or her and start to multiply. You need to follow these parenting tips to keep them happy and laughing all the time. Have a happy and great life.

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