Why Pregnant Moms Should Consider Using A Pregnancy Pillow?

Being pregnant can be an overwhelming experience for any women. And, we are not here talking about just giving birth to a new life. We are talking about the entire pregnancy phase. This whole period can also be very uncomfortable due to additional weight gain and hormonal changes. Most women start to face exhaustion and fatigue- not just physically but also emotionally, by the end of the second trimester.

Use pregnancy pillows

During pregnancy, a peaceful and sound sleep is of utmost importance.
However, women affect that too, thanks to the weight gain. The weight gain leads to pain and aches in adjoining areas of the body. Having problems while sleeping is a typical case during pregnancy. If uncomfortable sleep also plagues you during pregnancy, you can try using pregnancy pillows.

Pregnancy pillows are comfort pillows which can help in relieving you of aches and pain which occurs in body areas during pregnancy. Several experts ask women to use these pillows around the fourth month of their pregnancy. Research shows that if women do not use these pillows by the end of six months, they can experience extreme discomfort in their tummy and hip areas in the morning.

Types of pregnancy pillows

  • C-shaped pillow: These are the most common type of pillows found in the market these days. These are inexpensive and provide support to your head, shoulders as well as legs. These pillows are best suited for women, who do not turn over usually during the night.
  • U-shaped pillow: These pillows provide support to your front and back body as well as your stomach area. You can place these pillows in various positions to get a peaceful sleep. It provides you with overall support. This pillow is best suited for women who have a habit of sleeping on their backs. However, these pillows are huge and can take a lot of space on your bed. The large pillow will not be a problem though if you have king size bed at your home.
  • Pregnancy wedge pillow: These pillows, you can keep using under your baby bump while you are sleeping. These are for women who sleep sideways. However, these pillows designed not to use alone but in conjunction with other pillows.
  • Side pillows: These pillows relax your neck and head muscles, while you are sleeping.
  • Neck support pillows: These pillows are for women who usually prefer to sleep sideways. They not only keep your spine straight but also relax your head and neck muscles

Tips while buying pregnancy pillow

  • Fabric: Different fabrics are using for making different pregnancy pillows. It depends on the price of the pillow. Cheap pillows use the material such as synthetic material and Styrofoam while expensive pillows use natural and organic material such as wool and spelled. Styrofoam pillows are lightweight. However, they can tend to be very noisy. Synthetic pillows can be quite uncomfortable for some women.Doctors recommend using pillows made of natural and organic material as they are safe and gentle as well as prove to be less allergic to pregnant women. Cheap materials can be uncomfortable and can cause various unwanted skin problems for you.
  • Removable cover: The pregnancy pillow should have a removable cover. It is because your pillow absorbs sweat throughout the night and required washing frequently. Since most of the pregnancy pillows are very bulky in size, washing them is very tedious and generally out of the question. Hence, the removable cover comes to the rescue here. You can easily remove the pillow cover and clean them as and when necessary.
  • The size of the pillow: This depends on upon your personal preference as well as the size of your bed. If your bed is small, buying a large size pillow means your partner will have to sleep in some other room eventually. However, some women choose to sleep on a big pregnancy pillow nevertheless.
  • Pain in your body area: You need to pay attention to the area of your body where pain occurs in the morning, be it your neck, ankle, your back or your shoulders. Different pregnancy pillows are available in the market which can help to relieve you of pain in particular parts of your body. Buy one that suits your need the best.Some doctors also advise pregnant women to sleep sideways, preferably to the left, after 21 weeks of their pregnancy. Hence, you should buy a pillow then, which helps you in sleeping comfortably sideways.
  • Budget: Budget is also a vital factor. If you have a limited budget, you can buy a pregnancy pillow made of cheaper material. Generally, C-shaped pillows offer good support and are also inexpensive.

Advantages of using pregnancy pillows

  • During pregnancy, there is a continuous change in your body and your abdomen keeps growing. This kind of body changes puts pressure on your neck and spine. Pregnancy pillows help to reduce that pressure providing you with a comfortable sleep.
  • These pillows are available in different shapes and designs; thus, you can easily choose the one, which is best, suited for you. It depends on your pregnancy trimester as well as your sleeping position.
  • Some pillows use a material, which is hypoallergenic. That means they prevent various skin diseases, allergies, and breathing problems.
  • You can also use these pillows during your breastfeeding phase. Some women love these pillows so much; they use them even after their pregnancy period.


During pregnancy, a woman goes through extreme changes. In those days, having a good night sleep becomes a necessity. If you deprive her of that, it can put pressure on her, emotionally as well. Pregnancy pillow can be used to relieve you of such pressure and giving you a comfortable sleep. These pillows are necessary for all pregnant women. However, you should read online reviews of these pillows before deciding which pillow to buy. The advice offered by other pregnant women can prove useful to you. Purchase a pregnancy pillow which reduces pressure on your body parts and which provides you with that uninterrupted sleep you truly deserve.

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