Five Songs About Miscarriage

If you feel excited over the clouds of rejoicing on your pregnancy, coping with an unexpected miscarriage can be perplexing. Understandably, you may feel a range of emotions, sad and disheartened over the terrible loss. You would like to be aloof from your family members at this time. However, these are all among the many natural, healthy responses to a pregnancy loss.

Recovering from a miscarriage takes time with much patience. One of the best remedy to this painful situation is hearing music that penetrates inside your heart. I am sure that you will feel some kind of peace and serenity through these songs about miscarriage.


A tragic experience of Miscarriage by Hillary Scott – ‘Thy Will"

Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott has brought out the deep agony that exhilarates her recent song, "Thy Will.” On June 20 during a television interview, the singer shares that the song was inspired after she had a bad time with her miscarriage. Drummer Chris Tyrell is her husband, and they blessed with a 2-year daughter, Eisele.

Hillary Scott had her first miscarriage at the age 30, which dived into depression, and burst into tears as she told ‘Good Morning America’ that she has undergone a miscarriage while carrying the second child. She says that we have to lash out our pressure and continue to walk through life as if it never happened.​

Scott penned all her heartbreaking emotion into ‘Thy Will,’ a gospel song that she wrote in the middle of her painful experience with her miscarriage. The singer emotionally recalls her experiences and explains how the tragedy helped her to develop a strong bond with her daughter, Eisele.

The singer also stated that it is her very recent experience of sad moments in life and the lyrics are her letter to God. She holds onto the truth and never gets disheartened with the bad situation. She says, there are so many things happen in her life, which she cannot see, but it increases her faith to God much more than before.


The pain of Lily Allen – ‘Somewhere only we know'

Lily Allen came into the spotlight after writing a heartwarming new song all about her second miscarriage in 2010. The singer missed her baby boy after a six-month pregnancy, and she has experienced the grief with a sad and powerful path. She has expressed her miscarriage as ‘the worst time of my life’ and disclosed that she has to undergo therapy to cope with her loss.

She says that she had made up her mind to come out, but she remains sad about losing her baby. During one of her interviews with Grazia magazine, she broke down by saying that she was unable to control the emotions and eventually decided to issue a press release about the miscarriage. The week before the due date, all she wanted to do was talk about her baby, but she felt that she should not, due to non-stop work running inside her mind.

When we look into the song, it is complimented with superb lyrics clearly expresses the inner feeling of the loss. The singer has churned out the lines just from her heart, and she has revealed the tune as somber and powerful. The singer felt the inner peace after she composed songs about miscarriage


'Small Bump' by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran wrote ‘Small Bump’ for his close friend after she had a terrible miscarriage. It is a brilliant work, radiating all the pathos and bittersweet real life song. The song carries an emotionally charged feeling, which one should be facing during a miscarriage. The lyrics of the song is so powerful, especially when you listen to the lines, "Fingernails, the size of a half grain of rice, eyelids, closed to be soon open wide," expresses the joy of what he is going to experience, the birth of his baby. He visualizes every small detail of the child.

The song is an emotionally charged poem, tells a story narrating in an interesting note to the tragic pitch. In the first part, it was about the excitement of fatherhood and tragedy grips at the ends with the harsh reality of miscarriage. Ed Sheeran has disclosed the theme of the story as a real one, penned from the personal experience of his friend who lost her child in the 5th month of pregnancy.


Gone Too Soon - DAUGHTRY

Gone Too Soon is a tragic ballad about an unborn child written by Chris Daughtry. The lines composed with expectations, starting with, "Who would you be, what would you look like," clearly expresses the feeling of a lost child, giving lots of hope and expectations.

The song wrote by Daughtry after his friend's daughter lost her baby. He linked each word carefully, meeting the emotional pitch that carried the sorrow of the emotional tragedy. Miscarriage is a bad experience, and nobody would like to discuss it. Indeed, it will be a very personal pain and hurt so deep.


Heaven by Beyonce

Heaven by Beyonce is a piano pathos, which ends the song as:

"Our Father, which are in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

The song refers to her miscarriage several years before the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy. The song wrote by Beyonce and coproduced by Boot, who is also a musician and singer. Though Beyonce, revealed that she had the inspiration from her mother Tina Knowles, who was very much disturbed due to the loss of her friend, many critics argue that the lyrics are deep sentimental in nature. She had given indications about her miscarriage before the birth of Blue Ivy, and in the song 'Glory' we can listen, her husband Jay Z referring about miscarriage.

The song can interpret in different ways, and any listener who had a personal loss will find it easily relate to their personal tragedy. The lyrics are that powerful to bring inner peace and melancholy to the listener. It can smooth the trauma of sorrow suffered by listener,


Song about miscarriage aimed at the individuals who had the bad experience in their life, helping to recover from the emotional setbacks of miscarriage. It will help people to cope with the tragic situation, understanding the reality of the loss and move ahead with life. Miscarriage is a loss, and it is very painful because there is nothing much you can do to prevent this from happening. Listening to the ‘song about miscarriage’, can help people to relate the emotional pitch to that of their personal experience and helps naturally to reduce the sad feeling.

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