Tips On Using Pregnancy Pillow

In order to get the most usage out of a maternity pillow, knowing how to use it is very essential. It will ensure that maximum comfort and pain relief is achieved through using this product. The right maternity pillow will provide maximum support, especially when the mother is in pain and needs relief in order to fall asleep on a daily basis. Some aches and discomforts are a daily part of conceived mothers, they can only be alleviated and not totally cured due to the nature of pregnancy. This is when these pillows come in very handy. Knowing the following pregnancy sleep tips will help to achieve a good nights rest.

Using A Pregnancy Pillow

Being aware of the right way to use a maternity pillow will help women in this stage of life, benefit from their pillows daily, whenever they take naps or go to sleep. This can also be used to aid in reducing discomfort all through the day and help with pain relief.

Select The Right Maternity Pillow

The first step to using a pregnancy pillow, is finding the right one. Without the right kind of pillow, no amount of time spent on adjusting to it, will help achieve any sort of comfort. One should choose a pregnancy pillow that provides very good support, be firm and soft at the same time. Keeping in mind, the predominant sleeping position of the user will help to determine which kind of pregnancy pillow is the most suitable for each person. Once this is clear, the price, material and shape can be decided upon.

Air Out The Pillow

A new pillow, fresh out of the packaging, should always be kept to air out in sunlight. If sunlight is not always available, it should be left in a well ventilated room for at least two days to remove the foul smell of the foam or stuffing it comes with. This process if very healthy for the user, as new ones might still carry some toxins with them that they have been exposed through manufacturing or packaging.

Finding Individual Discomforts

Each person will face a varied number of discomforts all throughout their pregnancy. Knowing individual aches and difficulties will help in using the pillow in a more valuable manner. Some might have knee problems, while others might suffer from swollen feet. Some face problems with their back, while some have shoulder and neck soreness. While others may find it entirely difficult to sleep on their side. Knowing what the main issues are, helps to both purchase the right pillow and place it in an appropriate manner to help alleviate problems.

Make Support For Back And Neck

As most pregnancy pillows are placed in the side the user faces, it is always important that equal amount of support is provided to the back and neck, in the form of both support and height. Without this provision, the back and neck area will end up suffering as they will be situated in the wrong position while the rest of the body is resting on the maternity pillow. The maternity pillows tend to be thicker and firmer, adjusting neck pillow support to the same height, and using an additional pillow for the back, will help avoid any further discomforts.

Different Shaped Pillows

Using different shaped pillows to help support different parts of the body will relieve symptoms of pain and swelling. This is very important to keep the mother feeling well rested and healthy all through the pregnancy. Placing them in the right manner, with the help of the instructional pamphlets or online resources will highly benefit the user. Mothers and close confidants will also provide valuable advice, which everyone should sought after as soon as they invest in a maternity pillow.


One pregnancy pillow can be quite versatile, because of its size and the way it is designed. Users should know that they have many options and do not need to stick to a stringent way of using their pillow. Placing the pillow in different directions and positions, helping it to prop up a different part of the body, all constitute experimentation during the initial trial to find the solution to problems.. These trials will continue all through the progress of pregnancy, as the size of the stomach changes, and the kind of aches will also vary.

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