What To Eat During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the busiest session for women. They have to ensure their health and keep their baby healthy. Nutrition has a significant share in the healthy lifestyle of the women. They need more energy and more clean food. More power just means more food. A balanced diet should be prepared for them to fulfil their all requirements. A chart can be drawn up on the weekly basis for the diet for that particular day. A healthy woman means a healthy offspring. She is eating for her baby too. Here are some tips listed to make it happen.

Full of Nutrients

The food consumed by the pregnant woman should be rich in nutrients. Proteins, starches, fats, vitamins and minerals should be present in good amount. These all nutrients have their different effects on the body. Calcium helps in making bones and teeth stronger. Proteins help in body mass building and a good muscle work. Minerals work as cleansing agents in the body. Starches and fats provide energy to the body.

Pregnancy nutrition objects

A balanced diet

A balanced diet refers to a diet which is rich in all required nutrients needed by the body to work. A pregnant woman needs calcium, folate, fats, fibres and proteins for their foetus. These all helps in its better growth. You can include eggs, juices, beef, oranges, apples, milk, and dairy products in the breakfast. You should consume healthy snacks prepared at home. You can eat whole grain biscuits or bars and bananas in the lunch time.

Hydration is necessary

Water consumption in pregnancy is more than any other stage. She needs to drink more water. Water should be filtered and cleared properly for the additional safety. Water helps in regulating the temperature of the body and also helps in the transportation of the nutrients in the body. It helps in the waste removal from the human body. In the nausea condition, you can add a pinch of salt in the water. It will help you retain water in your body quickly.

Healthy Pregnancy

What not to do?

In your pregnancy conditions, you should keep an extreme care of your nutrition. If you fell ill due to contamination, it can cause danger to the foetus. So, you need to take care of it. You need to skip some things to keep your baby safe. Some of the tips are listed here.
Reduce eating outside your home.

  • Avoid eating raw foods like fish etc.
  • Avoid eating too many fats.
  • Try to consume more fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid foods those are difficult to digest.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages.

You should eat healthier to avoid nausea, constipation and heartburn. You can try smaller frequent meals, dry foods like snacks and fibres in your food. You should consume some dry fruits too in this condition. These will provide you with energy.


We discussed the qualities in the food and also which food is best in the pregnancy. Nutrients are essential for keeping the foetus healthy. You should consume more of these foods to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

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